Monday, July 23, 2012

A Day in the Life

Today was the first day with our new schedule. This new schedule is not just for school, but for everything. So, I thought I'd do a 'Day in the Life' post about it. The times are approximate. There are short breaks (5-10minutes) scattered throughout here & not mentioned. We also try to alternate stuff that needs more attention & effort with stuff that needs less attention & effort or higher interest work with lower interest work, to add variety.

7:30am - The kids wake me up. They get breakfast, and I stay in bed convincing myself to get up.
8am - Dea starts Math, and we discuss her plans for schoolwork this morning. Jay plays.
8:30am - Dea finishes her Math lesson, takes a short break, and starts working on Lit. Jay & I start on Science. He reads from a book. We watch the last part of an episode of 'Storm Chasers: Perfect Disaster' on Netflix. Then, he visits 3 sites, and reads information on wind & air. We still have some time left for Science, so we start another episode of 'Storm Chasers: Perfect Disaster,' but don't have quite enough time to finish it. Maybe we'll finish it later today.
10:30am - Jay does his hour of quiet reading. Dea does dishes & cleans the bathroom. She was actually supposed to do the bathroom on Saturday & dishes yesterday, but didn't finish them. So, she needs to finish them today. I head into the kitchen to start lunch. Lunch is now our big family meal, instead of dinner. What I would normally have made for dinner, will now be lunch instead. So, I now need roughly an hour to prepare lunch. Today's lunch includes thin sliced roast beef. I sliced it, seasoned it, and started it cooking in the crock pot before heading to bed. So, it's been cooking since about 2:30am. I still need to make the mashed sweet potatoes & veggies, though. While the potatoes cook, I get the kids' new chores lists laminated, 3-hole punched, and in their binders (I got them typed & printed over the weekend), and get a pot of coffee started for hubby.
11:30am - Eat lunch
12pm - Dea decided to spend about 10 minutes on Alcumus, while her lunch settled. Then, she gets to work on History. Jay asks to finish watching the episode of 'Storm Chasers: Perfect Disaster' we started earlier, while his lunch settles. Then, goes to work on his bedroom. This is actually supposed to be his break, but his room is a disaster & needs to be cleaned before I go up with garbage bags & throw out everything. I play on Facebook for a few minutes, then get to work on cleaning the office.
1pm - Dea continues to work on History. Jay gets on his computer for his half hour of Math games. While he does that, I do something I've been meaning to do for weeks. Weeks ago, Jay came up with his own Code of Honor for History. He wrote it in his notebook, and we decided that I would copy it out in nice writing on nice paper. So, I finally got around to it today. I pulled out some 'antique' paper, my quill pen, and chose the black India ink. It took 2 tries to get it right, because Jay kept shaking the table & there was a large ink blot on the first attempt. The second isn't my best work, but is legible & blot free.
1:30pm - Jay has chosen Logic as the next subject. He starts with a lesson in Logic Safari. This week's lesson is 15. These puzzles are really easy for him, but he enjoys them so much I still get them for him. After Logic Safari, we do some puzzles from Word Winks.
1:45pm - Time for ASL! Jay decides he's ready to move onto the next disc. So, today we're doing Signing Time vol 13, Welcome to School. He also gets his snack during ASL, since 2pm is snack time. Dea takes a break, has a snack, and gets another load of dishes soaking.
2:15pm - Jay re-reads chapters 6-10 in Life of Fred Decimals. He appears to have test anxiety (which is strange since we don't do many 'tests' here) and repeatedly does a bad job on the Bridges. He knows the work. He just keeps making stupid, careless mistakes. He needs to retake the Bridge after chapter 10, and wanted to read the chapters again before doing it. While he does that, I get the white board set up for Spelling.
2:30pm - Jay and I do Spelling. We haven't done it in a month. We're doing Step 10 (in AAS3) today. We start with some review, then move onto the 'New Teaching,' and finish with a few dictation sentences. Meanwhile, Dea is working on Anatomy & Physiology.
3pm - I decided we should do the Bridge today. I'm trying something different, to see if I can help him over his anxiety. His mistakes are always so careless, so I thought maybe if we did the problems on the white board, and he had to slow down & think about the proper procedures instead of rushing through some, over thinking others, and just screwing around for others. He's been making mistakes in basics - doing his multiplication wrong, forgetting to line numbers up properly, forgetting to borrow when subtracting. These are all things he's known how to do for years. I know that some people have problems with their kids forgetting stuff they knew when learning new things, but this has never happened to us before. His focus is generally better when we work things out on the white board, especially if I'm writing. He has to slow down and make sure he is telling me the right steps to take & the correct operations & numbers. So, we tried that today, and ...........he got them ALL CORRECT!! YAY!
3:30pm - Dea is still working on Science. Jay is doing Writing. It's a rather short assignment, dealing with recognizing voice in writing. In a day or two, he'll be starting the major assignment for chapter 3.
3:45pm - Jay likes to alternate the parts of Math with the parts of Language Arts. That way, he doesn't get tired of doing so much Math or so much Language Arts each day. So, he chose Measurement bk2 p.19.
4pm - Jay does Grammar. Over the last month, while we were doing school-lite due to health issues, he finished the Easy Grammar 4 section on Prepositions. Today, he starts the Easy Grammar 3 section on Capitalization. Once he's done with this section in EG3, he'll do the Capitalization section of EG4. That's how he wants to do it, and I see no reason not to. Dea spends some more time on Lit.
4:10pm - Time to finish off Math with p.88 of Perfecting the Point.
4:20pm - We decided to end the school day with Latin. He started chap 26 last week. It's a review chapter & he didn't finish it. So, we're finishing it this week.
4:40pm - We head into the kitchen to toss together something for dinner.
5pm - Dinner is now a small, snack-like meal. I make a pot of tea (today's choice is Spicy Plum, yum!) to go with it. Today, we each had  2 eggs, 2 slices of buttered bread (I had rye, the kids had cinnamon), and watermelon. Jay also had a carrot, and Dea had some cherry tomatoes.
5:30pm - I require the kids to spend an hour outside everyday, unless weather prohibits. In the cool/warm months of spring & autumn, they often choose to be out in the morning or right after lunch. In the cold months of winter, they almost always choose right after lunch. However, in the miserable heat & humidity of the Midwest summers, they choose the evenings. Today, they decided to go out right after dinner, to play in the sprinkler. I decided to take the time to just relax.
6:30pm - Dea chose to spend some more time on Alcumus. Jay chose to play cards. After most of an hour of sitting down & relaxing, my back, neck, and shoulders hurt. So, I rubbed some Blue Emu into my shoulders & neck. I then had Dea finish her dishes, so Jay could do his. Then, I did some dishes, even though it's not my day, and I had already done my dinner & lunch dishes. Then, I spent some time straightening up the kitchen, so hubby can do dishes later. The kids also had a snack.
8:00pm - Dea's hanging out at a friend's. Jay's playing with the dog. I've just finished a workout.Jay continues to play with the dog while I do some general straightening up.
8:30pm - The kids clean the school room, and I relax a little. Then, the kids get ready for bed. They're sleeping in the school room tonight (it's too hot in their bedrooms), but they head to different rooms to read.

It's now 10pm. The kids are in bed. I've done half the dishes & washed the counters, even though it's not my day for dishes. I've got dishes soaking for my hubby. I'm going to go curl up with a book for awhile. I really hope every day goes as smooth as today did. the kids barely fought. Neither complained about school or chores. We didn't wake up hubby. Things went great!