Sunday, July 29, 2012

Just So You Don't Think Things Are Perfect Around Here...

On Monday, I posted a "Day in the Life" post about how our day went. It was a great day. Chores got done (well, some of them). Dea did school. Jay did all his school. There was a minimum of fighting & arguing. The new meal schedule went well. The kids played, read, had time alone. The day was virtually perfect. I knew it was too good to last.

The rest of the week did NOT continue to go as fantastically as Monday did. Tuesday, nothing was done. We lost power for 10-13 hours (not sure exactly when it went out, because it was during the few hours I slept). The raw chicken in the fridge went bad. The kids fought all day. The house was hot, due to no fans or A/C. It was a horrible, miserable day.

Wednesday, Jay started to do school. Then, he poked himself in the eye, which put an end to all productivity for the week. He has a corneal abrasion (for the second time this year). This time, we have ointment to put on his eyes 4 times a day. He has an appointment with the eye doctor on Monday, to make sure it is healing properly & hasn't caused permanent damage.

The kitten also went to the doctor this week. He had to go in for his final shots and to get neutered. He is fine, healing wonderfully. He is even more lovey-dovey, friendly, & snuggly than normal.

I did get a few phone calls taken care of, that I've been meaning to get to. However, the week was mostly unproductive, with the exception of Monday, of course.

So, remember, even though I try to focus on the positive, things are not perfect here. I strive for perfection, always have. However, I have yet to achieve it. I've been told that I am intimidating. Some people apparently  get intimidated by how rigorous our schooling is, the multiple languages we study, the number of courses we do each year, the effort I put into planning, the fact that I piece together our curriculum for so many of our courses, how much work my kids do (especially given that they are both 2E), my cooking skills, the fact that I refuse to accept that I that I can't do everything and strive to do it all anyway, or the fact that I sometimes appear to have it all together. I don't know how to respond when people tell me they are intimidated by me or find something about me or our homeschool intimidating. Hopefully, this post (and others like it) help to allay feeling like those. We all have our bad days (in this case, bad weeks). All we can do is try again the next day, watch for patterns, to see if any changes may need to be made, and keep working at it. My secret isn't perfection, it's perseverance, determination, and being too damn stubborn to give up.