Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The More Things Change...

...the more planning I need to do. Yes, things are changing, again. By now, anyone who reads this blog (even occasionally) knows that things change fairly often around here.
 A day or two ago, I posted about some changes to Dea's courses for next year. Well, I'm changing one of those changes. The Geology will not be using the MIT OCW course we had intended, but will instead be using this resource. I also figured out what she'll be using for Accounting. The spine will be a College Accounting text we have. The main supplement will be an Accounting course from AOP, because it offers opportunities to use what she's learning by actually having to fill out ledgers,  journals, balance sheets, etc. & because of the business simulation it has. We will also be supplementing, as needed/wanted for more depth and/or different or further explanations, with this, this, and possibly this.

The other big change around here will be our entire schedule. I do mean entire schedule, not just our schooling schedule. My husband will be changing hours at work, though when that will happen is not yet known. This will require a complete change around here. We will be changing which meal is our large/family meal. We will be changing the schooling schedule. We will be changing how & when we run errands. I will lose most or all of my 'me' time.

So, I'm planning for all of these upcoming changes. The new schedule will take the most planning & the most getting used to. Hopefully, the transition will go smoothly.