Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Spent the Day on the Computer

I mentioned before that we were giving hubby's old laptop to Jay, to use for school. We (well, hubby) had lost the power cord. Last week, we (I) found it. So, hubby spent some time this weekend cleaning everything out of it and doing all the necessary scans. I spent much of today getting it ready for Jay.

I have almost everything on it that I want on it. The only thing I can think of that I don't have on it yet, that I want on it, is Tell Me More Spanish. I can't put that on it yet, as the kids lost or broke the headset with mic (and I think you need that to set it up, definitely need it to use the program). So, I need to pick up a new set. I actually plan to get two new sets, one for each kid. Once I get it installed, there will be very little he will need to use the desktop for. Spanish is still optional for him at this point, anyway. So, it's not a big deal that I don't have that installed. If he decides to take up programming again, I might install Logo on it, as well.

I got TimezAttack installed, with the division, addition, and subtraction extensions. I got Alfred's Essentials in Music Theory installed, bu tit only works on the Admin sign-in, not on Jay's. Both kids will need to use the laptop for Music Theory, as the program doesn't work on the desktop. I created a Google account for our homeschool, so he could use it. I've tried before to set up one for him, but it said he's too young. I didn't want to just have him use mine, as I have many bookmarks that he doesn't need to mess around with (bills, shopping, etc.). So, I created one for our school & added dozens of links to it. I added all the links I planned for History & Science for this year. I added Khan Academy (he has fun with the practice problems), the free videos from Art of Problem Solving (he enjoys these), Alcumus (we're planning to sign him up closer to the end of this school year), online Math games, Geography games, other educational games, sites about things I know he's interested in, National Geographic, weather sites, and more. I think I got all the sites he'll need for school this year and quite a few extra. Once I've finished finding sites for next year & we're closer to the start of the next school year, I'll add those.

I also visited the Chrome Web Store and added some educational apps. Tomorrow, I'll show him all that's currently on his computer. He can hardly wait to use it. He asked me at least 7 times today if I was done setting it up. He'll use the laptop for his Writing assignments, all the internet use for school, Music Theory, eventually (hopefully) Spanish, and possibly computer programming. He'll use the desktop for fun. Dea uses her netbook for most school stuff. She'll use the laptop for Music Theory. She uses the desktop for Spanish, computer programming, and fun. That should mean that there are no more problems with scheduling use of the computer. That will make my life so much easier.