Monday, August 27, 2012

Million Minute Family Challenge

Have you ever heard of the Million Minute Family Challenge? I hadn't, until recently. This year is the 12th annual Million Minute Family Challenge. You sign up as a team or family, set a goal for how many minutes you plan to play, and sign into the site to log your minutes. The point is obviously to encourage non-electronic game play with family & friends. Video games, computer games, and dvd games don't count. You are supposed to play board games, card games, and dice games. It runs from Sept. 1 - Dec. 31.

I signed us up, with a goal of 1000 minutes. This will be split with some minutes being games with all four of us & some from games with just the kids & me. I will be keeping track of our minutes, here on my blog, as well as on the challenge site. We love playing games together, so I don't see a problem with reaching our goal.