Thursday, August 2, 2012

Puppy is mad at me

The puppy is mad at me, does not trust me, and is avoiding me. My daughter made chocolate cookies today. Somehow, and no one knows how, the puppy got one of the cookies. I called a vet to see if we could try to take care of her at home or if we needed to take her to the vet. They said we could try to induce vomiting at home, by giving her some hydrogen peroxide. So, I had to force hydrogen peroxide down the puppy's throat. Poor baby, she did not deal with it well. She already has issues with trust, thanks to the abuse & abandonment she suffered before us.

She's doing fine now. However, she won't drink water I give her, even after watching me fill the bowl from the tap. She sat on my lap while I opened a can of food (one I know she likes), watched me put it in her bowl, and still refused to eat any of it. I had her on my lap for while, petting her, talking to her, snuggling with her. She wouldn't relax at all, was stiff & anxious the whole time. When I put her back down on the floor, she sat right next to me, until I said "You don' t have to stay by me if you don't want to," at which point, she ran off to sleep by Dea.

Until this incident, I was her second favorite (Dea has always been her favorite). At the moment, I'm pretty sure I'm her least favorite. I'm really hoping it doesn't take too much to win back her trust.