Saturday, August 4, 2012

Random Thoughts of the Sleepless

My hubby & I went to bed this morning, and I took my Nook with to read. The last time I looked at the clock (for some reason, I still look at the alarm clock, not the clock on the Nook), it was 3:36. I rolled over & went back to reading. I'm not sure exactly what time I put the Nook down & decided to sleep, but it was probably around 4am. Fast forward to 6:15am, when the dog started barking for Dea to take her out. I had to go get Dea, because she has recently gained the ability to not wake up to the dog barking. She took the dog for a 30 second walk, and headed right back to bed. The dog, of course, started barking while Dea was heading up the stairs back to her room, so I know Dea heard her. She chose to ignore the barking, so she could go back to sleep. I, on the other hand, can't ignore the barking & got up in the hopes that the dog would be content to have me up with her. So, here I am, on maybe 2 hours of sleep.

I love my Nook. I don't know if I've posted about that before. I just got it this year. I'm not big on ebooks. I really prefer a real book. However, I have grown to love my Nook. I can read in bed, without needing the light on, which means no worries about keeping hubby awake. That is a huge plus. I can take a selection of books with me wherever I go. I have a Nook Tablet, so I can go from reading a book to playing a game or searching something online. I let the kids use my Nook, too. They also love it. I have added several fun apps, some educational, some not. I have added lots of books that they can read. I borrow ebooks from the library for them. So, they have plenty to do on my Nook. I created a shelf for each of them on it & added everything they are allowed to use/read to their shelves, so they know what they and are not allowed. They are not allowed to use it to go online & cannot add books or apps to it. If they do, they lose the privilege of using it. Jay, especially, loves my Nook. He loves the look up feature that allows him to look up a word right there, by just highlighting it, instead of getting out the dictionary. He loves the apps I've added so far - word games, Math games, the Smithsonian Channel, trivia, etc.

I'm considering, either next week or the week after, doing a whole week of 'Day in the Life' posts. Since each day is different & some subjects are not every day, I thought it would show the variety in our days. I might not do it, though. I haven't made up my mind about it.

Well, it's about 7:30 now. I should probably stop avoiding the day & go get it started.