Sunday, August 19, 2012

Random Thoughts

Ok, I took my time finishing planning Dea's 9th grade year, since she won't be starting it until January. I am done planning it, though. I have checklist for the year, every lesson/assignment in every subject. I have all of her courses planned out on our school site. I have all the assignments in HST+. I just need to get my notebook for 9th grade & get everything copied into it, in legible writing, for daily/weekly tracking.

So, with Jay in 3rd and Dea's 9th planned out, will I be taking a break from planning? No. No, I will not. I had spent some time earlier figuring out Dea's Chemistry for 10th. That made Jay want to do Chemistry for 5th, even though we normally don't do one branch of Science per year until high school. So, I will be planning Jay's Chemistry for 5th. I will finish planning Dea's Chemistry. I will plan Dea's History and the Sociology of Native Americans she wants to do in 10th. I will plan Jay's History for 4th & 5th. I will plan Jay's Science for 4th (the History of Science). Basically, I'll be working on the next school year for each.

On the medical front, I finally got my blood pressure under control. The systolic number had been good, but the diastolic was still too high. I went in the other day, and it is finally where we want it. Yay! That means no more having to go to the Dr every week or two. The kitten has been neutered & has gotten the last round of shots he needed. That means no more vet appointments every few weeks. Yay! However, that doesn't mean no more Drs at all. Dea has an appoint with the dentist and one with the eye doctor coming up. Plus, I should set up an appointment for her to get a physical. I am getting very tired of waiting rooms.

I know I have been horrible about doing my weekly review of what we've been doing for school. We've been working, I just haven't had time/energy to type out the posts each week. I will try to get back into doing that this coming week. I'm still tossing around the idea of doing a whole week of "Day in the Life" posts, but am not sure when I'd do it. We've pretty much adjusted to the new schedule, I just need to get my sleeping schedule to regulate again. The change in schedule threw off my sleeping schedule (always does), and my body is having issues figuring out when I should be sleeping. I seem to be getting closer to a sleep schedule that works for me, though.

I think I'll end this post with a cute picture: