Friday, August 31, 2012

Week in Review 8/31/12

I haven't done one of these posts for  several weeks (apparently not since sometime in June). Part of that is because I have been busy with dealing with all the changes around here. Our meal schedule changed. Our school schedule changed. My husband's work schedule changed. My sleeping schedule has been all kinds of wonky, since it doesn't like change. My shopping & library schedule has changed. Basically, the way everything was planned & scheduled has changed this summer.

Since it has been so many weeks since my last post of this nature, I will do it a bit differently. Instead of telling you just what we did this week, I will try to give a general update on what we've done since the last 'Week in Review' post.

ASL - We're still using Signing Time. We've finished the entire original series and are now doing Series Two. We aren't really enjoying these any more. The first dvds were good. They had a good amount of signs in them. However, as you go along, there are more and more songs in each dvd. By the time you hit Series Two, there are more songs than signs. It is actually quite annoying. After every 2-4 signs, it's time for another song. Also, in Series Two, they introduced additions to the dvds - game time, story time, abc time, counting time, etc. Each of these is proceeded by yet another song. They just seem to stop the flow of the dvd & don't really seem to serve any purpose other than filling time. Plus, there are many more repeat words in Series Two. Basically, we're only continuing with ST because we have free access to them, and I haven't found anything else that's aimed at kids & shows them exactly what to do.

Latin - We're still using Latin for Children. He is just about done with Primer A. As of this week, he has finished chapter 30. All that remains are chapters 31 (unit review) & 32 (whole book review). He's still enjoying it, and is very much looking forward to starting Primer B.

Logic - He has requested that we stop doing Original logic Puzzles. He finished Word Winks & moved onto More Word Winks. He is still doing Logic Safari book 2. This week he finished lesson 20. He is also still doing Fun With Logic 2 days a week and Mensa Whodunits one day a week.

Art - Art has mostly been choosing paintings from The Louvre and discussing/studying them. He has also done some Color Your Own Van Gogh. This week, he gave wood burning a shot. He has a lot of difficulty holding the tool properly & can't maintain pressure. So, I'm thinking we should wait another year or two before we try again, to give him time to mature a bit. So, we then did foil embossing. We don't have any embossing foil, so we used some aluminum foil folded to four layers. We used the blunt end of paint brushes to indent the foil. Then, we painted them with black acrylic thinned down with water, and wiped the paint off so it just left a touch of color.

Geography - Mostly, he has been playing games online to practice state names & capitals. We also did the hurricane tracking activity in Map Corner.

Science - We are still studying Meteorology. He has read almost every book on Meteorology that our library carries. He has also watched most of the dvds (from the library & Netflix) & shows on Netflix that deal with Meteorology, and visited several websites. Plus, he has worked on some of his projects/activities. I'm hoping to dedicate the next few weeks to his activities/projects.

History - He has been reading tons of books, visiting websites, watching dvds, and working on some of his projects (like creating his coat of arms). This week, we skipped History on Thursday, due to me not feeling well. Friday, he visited websites on the Middle Ages, while I went grocery shopping.

Math - He still continues to do 30 minutes a day online, either on Khan Academy or playing fun Math games.
PP - He has finished everything that I wanted him to do in this book. There are still pages from the sections on adding, subtracting, and multiplying with decimals that we may use as review, but all the parts that he needed to work on or had new info have been done.

LOFD - He is not yet done with Life of Fred Decimals & Percents. He will continue with this book until it is finished. As of now, he has done through the bridge after chapter 20.

TTM - He has not been doing these. Most of the pages left require working with fractions, which he has not formally studied yet (he's learned some in life & while studying decimals, but isn't very comfortable with them yet). So, he is holding off until he has started Finishing Fractions & Life of Fred Fractions.

Key to - He has been working on these pretty consistently. As of this week, he has finished Measurement book 2 and is ready to start Metric Measurement book 2.

Language Arts -
Easy Grammar - He has continued to switch back & forth between the books. He finishes a section in EG3, and then does that same section in EG4. He has now finished the capitalization sections in both books & moved to the verb section of EG3.

CTD - he's been working a bit slow in Writing. He is currently in chapter 5.

AAS - We are still in level 3. We missed a few weeks, so are not as far as I would like. As of this week, we have finished step 13.

Vocab - We have stopped doing vocab. Whenever he comes across new words, he looks them up. Plus, he has a huge vocabulary, that grows without formal study. So, I really see no point in forcing a vocab study right now.

Music - He still has his drums & his Native American flute, though he has not been practicing them as much as I would like. We have Essentials of Music Theory on his computer, but he hasn't started doing it yet.

In other news this week, Dea informed me that she does not like Easy Grammar & wants something else for Grammar next year. She does seem to be getting quite a bit wrong on her Grammar assignments. I'm not sure if that is due to actually needing more instruction or due to her not liking the program (she does have a history of sloppy, incorrect work when she doesn't like the program she's using). Of course, I already bought Easy Grammar Ultimate grade 11 for her to use in 9th. However, there is no point in fighting her all next year. So, I am looking at other options. I'm also thinking of buying another 1 or 2 Logic workbooks for Jay, since he enjoys it so much & is always asking to do extra pages.