Friday, September 14, 2012

A Day in the Life, Friday

8:10am I finally get up after the kids spent the last 2 hours doing everything they could think of to make sure I didn't get to actually sleep. I am still feeling awful today and was really hoping to sleep in a little, but the children have decided I shouldn't be allowed to sleep.

8:20am Dea gets started on school.

8:30am Jay & I watch a few videos on the Middle Ages from Discovery Education.

9:30am Jay is getting very bored with videos, so I let him go play until reading time. Dea also takes a break, and they are playing together.

10:30am Dea gets back to work on school. Jay starts hour of quiet reading time.

11:30am Lunch time

12pm Jay & Dea go outside to play.

12:15pm Jay has decided it is too hot out (it's not even 70), so they've come back in. Jay goes on the computer & Dea is doing some puzzle book.

1pm I decided to lie down for a nap. Dea, theoretically did school work. Jay played & watched some tv.

3:45pm Since my nap took most of the time we normally spend doing school, we have decided to do all the schoolwork in one session. Jay starts with LOFD chap 27. Next, he wants to do Metric2, because page 9 is long & involves a lot of writing (it's about understanding metric words & prefixes). After that, he does Writing. Next is page 8 of FF, two pages of EG3, and a penmanship page. Logic is next, followed by ASL. We did a little less than we normally do. We didn't do Spelling (yesterday & today were just going to bereview anyway, since we'd already finished all the new work int he step) . He only did one exercise in Writing, we usually do around 3. FF isn't taking much time (today's page only had 4 questions), but that is likely because we are still in the beginning of the book. So, all of that combined to make school go quite a bit faster today. Normally, the amount fo work we do is too much for only 2 hours in the afternoon.

6pm Dinner time.

6:30pm Now that we're done with dinner, it's time to do Latin. Today, Latin consists of playing the BINGO-like game in the back of Primer A. Dea joins us for this, to make it more fun.

7:30pm Now that we're done with Latin BINGO, we're going to play Scattergories. After Scattergories, we play Man Bites Dog.

8:45pm Jay starts hour of reading before bed.

10:30pm Jay got to stay up late tonight, reading. So, he's just now going to bed.

I'm sorry these last two posts were so dull. Well, you've now seen what a semi-normal week is like for us. Normally, our Thursdays & Fridays aren't exactly like this week, but we finished our work. I hope these post have been helpful to at least some of you.

Good night.