Monday, September 10, 2012

A Day in the Life, Monday

6am - Jay wakes me up & asks if he can start the day with an episode of Storm Chasers. I say yes, then go back to sleep.

7am - Jay wakes me again. I start considering getting up.

7:15am  I get up

7:20am I left a turkey breast out to thaw (yeah, I know you are supposed to thaw in the fridge, but that takes a week), but forgot to put it on a platter. There is now turkey juice all over the freezer, down the front of the freezer, and on the floor. I get to clean it up. Dea walks the dog.

7:30am The kids get themselves breakfast.

7:40am Dea takes a shower. Jay helps me season a turkey breast & get it in the oven.

8am With only half an hour left until we start school, everyone plays (me on FB, the kids outside).

8:30am Time to start school. Jay starts with reading a book on weather. Dea starts by doing research on Celtic art.

9am Get everyone coffee. Yes, I mean everyone. The kids are allowed 1 cup of coffee a day. Though, I often forget to make coffee, so they don't get some everyday. I'm just not one of those people who need coffee. I drink it because I enjoy the taste of the flavored coffees we buy. Caffeine does nothing for me, so I'm very picky about my coffee, because it has to taste good.

9:30am Since Jay has already visited all the sites for his Science, he gets to take a break until 10:30, when he'll do his hour of quiet reading time. Dea has also decided to take a break. I don't feel like doing housework just yet, so I'll screw around online.

10:15am Read an article on Discovery about mining the Moon. Have an impromptu discussion with the kids - is it a good/bad idea, why, is there anything not mentioned in the article that should be considered,  what are the ramifications, support your opinion. Dea gets back to work on school.

11:30am We all sit down to eat our lunch of turkey breast, pasta, and green beans.

12pm The kids spend their break outside playing. I do some dishes & pick up a little. I get Jay's afternoon work on the table & ready for him.

12:45pm Dea gets back to work on school.

1pm Jay gets to work on school, starting with 30 minutes of Math games on the computer.

1:30pm For this session of work, Jay has chosen Logic, FF, penmanship, and EG3. He does 2 pages in MWW, 2 pages in EG3, a page of penmanship, and a page of FF. I start laminating the games from the back of LFC B, since we'll be starting that book next week or the week after, depending on how he does with the review chapter this week.

2pm He now takes a break. The kids go outside to play. I continue laminating the game pages, then start cutting the pieces apart.

2:30pm Time for 2nd afternoon session of school. This time, he does p. 5 of Metric2. Then, we start Step 15 of AAS3. We end the session with ASL, ST series 2 vol 5 Going Outside. Whenever he is doing work he can do independently, I am cutting the game pieces for that Latin game (there are a lot of pieces to cut).

3:36pm Jay finishes his second afternoon school session and heads outside to play. Dea started her break about 10-15 minutes ago. I take a break from cutting game pieces, and do some stuff online.

4pm Jay starts his 3rd and final school session for the day. In this one, he does LOFD chap 24, 2 pages in LFC A chap 32 (the final chapter, whole book review), and works on his major writing assignment for chap 5 of CTD. He does this mostly independently, discussing the chapter of Fred with me before he does problems (to check understanding) & a short discussion about what I expect in this writing assignment, the rest on his own. While he works independently, I cut pieces for Latin game. Yay! I am finally done cutting the pieces! I am so glad I have a paper cutter. if not, my hands would be killing me, and I wouldn't be done.

5pm Dea is now hiding out in her room. She got tired of me telling her to stop taking the dog for a walk every 5 minutes and do some school or chores instead. So, she went upstairs to hide in her room. That is just so much easier than actually doing her work. She's grounded right now, which means no going anywhere & no friends coming over. So, she has no motivation at all to do her work. Well, if she ends up repeating courses in 9th, because she didn't bother to finish them in 8th, that's her problem. Once December is done, any course she has not finished, she will have to do over. I'm tired of her laziness and total lack of motivation. She needs to start paying attention to deadlines and actually do the damn work before it is due. This crap of not showing me work for weeks at a time is not going to cut it. As of 9th grade, any assignment not handed in on time is a zero. If she wants to drop her grades & have to retake courses that is her business. She is the one who will suffer from it. Her goal is to graduate after 10th grade. If she really wants to reach that goal, she needs to light a fire under her butt and actually manage her time properly.

5:30 Jay has finished school for the day. The kids are outside playing until dinner. I am relaxing & playing on FB.

6pm The kids make themselves dinner. I pull out the materials for LFC B, put the worktext & activity book on Jay's school bookcase shelf, the history reader & answer key in my school basket, and the dvds & cd in Jay's school cd case.

6:30pm Dea shows me the Math lesson she did today & the one before it (since she hadn't shown me that one yet). She then tries to convince me that she should get to go outside, you know, since she completed one whole assignment today. We have an utterly ridiculous conversation:

me: How are you coming on those 3 Lit assignments you need to finish this week?

Dea: Fine.

me: Really? Because you've been doing research all day, yet have nothing to show for it.

Dea: I haven't started on them yet. The research I've been doing is for History.

me: You haven't started on them yet? One was due 2 weeks ago. One was due last week. You just said you're doing fine on them, but you haven't started them? How are you doing fine on them, if you haven't started them?

Dea: Is that a no, then?

me: (just look at her)

Dea: (walks out of room, slams a few things around, and comes back in) Why can't we go outside?

me: You've been outside most of the day. It won't hurt you to stay inside & actually get some school work done.

Dea: (walks out of room, slams things around, and comes back in, again) Can we play a game?

I shit you not, that is the conversation we just had!

She is now working in the living room & Jay is playing in the school room. So, I'm going to go clean the office.

7:30pm Dea is upstairs. Jay just finished watching Scooby Doo & is now playing. I am looking over the browsing history on the main computer & Dea's FB acct. Fun. I should probably check her email, too, but really don't feel like it right now.

8:15pm Time for Jay to get ready for bed.

8:30 Dea is cleaning up the yard. Jay is heading to my room to read for an hour before going to bed. I'm going to take out garbage & recycling.

Taking out garbage & recycling took until 9:10. Of course, that's in large part due to me sweeping the kitchen, too. Plus, for the last few weeks, hubby & the kids have not bothered taking out all the recycling or cleaning up messes they made (stuff that missed the garbage can, fell behind or next to the chest freezer, or ended up under the baker's rack). I cleaned it all up. I made sure it all got out. After 40 minutes of sweeping & dealing with garbage & recycling, I took a shower. I would normally wait until the kids were in bed (or before they get up in the morning), but really needed one.

It is now 9:37. Jay has gone to bed, though he will likely read for another hour or so, still. Dea has gone to her room to read. The neighbors are being annoying, making a ton of noise, as usual. I am going to read, watch some tv, do some dishes, and relax. I'll head to bed around 2am.

Good night.