Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Day in the Life, Tuesday

So, I thought I'd do one of these posts each day this week. That way, you can see what things stay the same & what things differ from day to day. Sorry if these posts bore you, but many people express interest in how we fit all our subjects in, and this is the best way I can think of to explain/show it.

7am - Jay wakes me up & asks to watch an episode of Monster Quest, I say yes. I consider getting up, but don't really want to. I spend the next hour listening to the kids fight. What a beautiful way to start the day.

8am - The kids eat breakfast. I try to ignore them & go on FB. When they finish eating, they go off to play.

8:30am - Time for school! Dea starts out working in the office. Jay's day starts with Science 'experiments' from the Elements of Science kit from Thames & Kosmos. I'm not very impressed with this kit. The experiments are really just demonstrations, at least so far. He isn't learning anything new from them at all. For our weather study, I planned to do the activities on heat, air, and light. We've already done the ones for heat & air. Today, we're doing the ones for light.

9:10am - We're done with the kit for today (did I mention that the 'experiments' go by really quickly?). Now we're watching some videos from Discovery Education. I download them onto a flash drive, which we then plug into the Roku, and watch them on the Roku USB channel.

10am - I let Jay take a break until reading time. Dea has already taken a break & is now getting back to work.

10:30am - Jay goes to my room for his hour of quiet reading time. I am searching Discovery Education for new videos for the kids. They have changed the site since last time I was there. It's much easier to use, for the most part. Unfortunately, I'm having some difficulty downloading some of the videos.

11am - Dea is making lunch today, so she's in the kitchen working on that right now.

11:30 - Lunch time. Today, it is pasta with a tomato & meat sauce.

12pm - Jay is spending his break on the computer playing fun educational games. Dea is spending her break watching videos from Discovery Education. For some reason, the Roku USB channel won't play the videos on her flash drive, so she's watching them on her netbook.

1pm - The afternoon starts with Jay doing 30 min on Khan Academy and Dea doing Math. Before starting on Khan Academy, Jay chose what work to do for each of the afternoon school sessions.

1:30pm - In addition to Khan Academy, today's first afternoon session includes Logic, penmanship, FF, and EG3. For Logic, he chooses a logic puzzle from Fun With Logic. We're using copywork packets from Happy Scribe for penmanship. He is currently finishing the Middle Ages packet. I need to print a new packet for next week. I'll think it'll be the Archery one. He wants to start cursive with this next one, so I think I'll have him just do the cursive alphabet for next week & start the actual sentences the week after. He does one page in FF and two pages in EG3.

2pm - Break time. Jay has chosen to do spelling during the next school session, so I get the board set up for that. Then, I go do some dishes. Jay is spending his break outside playing with Dea.

3pm - The kids took a bit of an extended break and had their snack. So, now we can get back to work. Jay starts off with Metric2, doing 1 page. Then, we do ASL. He started ST series 2 vol 5 last Wednesday, so he's ready to start the next disc. That means today is ST series 2 vol 6 Days of the Week. Next, we do spelling. We are still working on step 15 of AAS3. We could go through the steps faster, doing 2 or 3 a week, but I really don't want to have to buy more than 2 levels per year & don't want to have no Spelling for half the year. So, I enforce the speed of just one step a month. Dea is finishing her Math.

4pm - Break time again. The kids would love to go outside, but there's a manhunt for a murderer. It's on the other side of town, but since there is no guarantee that the murderer is in the area they are searching, I feel safer keeping them inside until further notice.

4:30pm -  Time for the last school session of the day. Dea is already back to work. Jay starts with proofreading and printing the major assignment for chap 5 of CTD. Next is 2 pages of chap 32 of LFC A. He ends the session with LOFD chap 25.

6pm - Jay is done with school for the day. It is dinner time. Dea is taking a break for dinner, then really should get back to work. She keeps working for 30 minutes, then taking a 60 minute break.

6:45pm - Now that everyone has eaten dinner, we've all relaxed, & the dog has been walked, we are going to play a game or two.

9pm - We just finished 2 hours of playing games. Jay just went to my room to read until 9:30, and Dea is walking the dog and doing her before bed chores.

9:30pm Dea is in her room reading and Jay is on his way to his room to read. I have the notebook I'll be using for keeping track of Dea's 9th grade year. I'm going to get the plans for the year into it.