Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Day in the Life, Wednesday

7:22am - Jay wakes me up to ask if he can watch an episode of Monster Quest. I say no, because it is too close to when school starts. He asks if he can watch a shorter show. We agree on one episode of Arthur.

8:17am - I get up to find Jay watching Scooby Doo. Looks like someone's in trouble. The kids get their breakfast.

8:35am - School starts. Dea is typing up her late Lit assignments. Jay start with Geography. Today's Geography assignment is from Map Corner and is about thunderstorms. We're tweaking the assignment somewhat. Originally, it includes having students mark on a map where thunderstorm activity has occurred in their region. I am having him read the story & mark on a map the thunderstorms from the story. Then, we will turn on the Weather Channel, and he will mark on a map all weather events in the country for this morning.

9:30am - Time for Art. Today, we're doing multimedia pumpkin pictures. First, we sketch a pumpkin on a sheet of paper. Then, we trace our lines with black glue (glue with black acrylic paint added to it). Next, the kids go off to play while the glue dries. It looks like we'll have to wait until this afternoon to finish these.

10:30am - Jay heads to me room for his hour of quiet reading time. Dea does some work, then takes a break.

11:30am - It's lunch time. We're having leftovers today. Hubby takes leftovers to work with him, but we seem to have a lot of leftovers this week. I am having smoked chicken breast, tomato, and carrots. Everyone else is having turkey & whatever fruits & veggies they want.

12pm - Jay has decided to spend his break on the computer again today. Dea is off doing her own thing.

1pm - Math games for Jay. I prepare our work area (the table) for the afternoon school sessions.

1:30pm - Dea fights with her computer, but eventually gets some work done. Jay starts with FF. He is really enjoying fractions. A lesson in Logic Safari 2 and 2 pages in EG3 finish off this session of schoolwork. I am ready for a nap. I have no idea why, but I am very tired.

2pm - Jay & I play Tons of Trivia during his break.

3pm - Jay starts his 2nd session with Metric2. Then, he started chap 6 of CTD. He finished the session with ST series vol 6 Days of the Week.

3:30pm. Break time. The kids spend their break playing outside. I just realized that I haven't been mentioning their chores at all (kind of like bathing, we do all do it regularly, I just don't post about it). They do chores during their breaks and after school. So often, though, their chores & play are rather intermingled. So, I don't really think to list them. A lot of Jay's chores are helping someone else do something. He helps on my dish days. I clean the office twice a week, and the kids take turns helping with it. I also do the living room 2 days a week, and they take turns helping with that. The kids also take out the garbage & recycling several days a week. They are responsible for cleaning their bedrooms once a week & doing a touch-up once a week. Dea has dishes 2 days a week. She also alternates cleaning the litter boxes with her dad. The kids also clean the school room & the hallway. I know it sounds like they have a lot of chores, but all the rooms only they clean are rooms only they use. Then, they are expected to help with the communal rooms that we all use. We used to do the chores in 3 large chunks - morning, afternoon, and evening, but the kids would be complaining by the end of each chunk. So, I let them do little bits here & there. As long as it gets done, I don't really care. Their bedrooms & hallway almost never get clean. So, I just refuse to allow them to have friends in to play in their rooms. If they want someone to spend the night, it is an automatic no if their bedrooms & hallway aren't clean. I'm hoping this will eventually teach them to clean their rooms & keep them clean. There has been slacking on chores by both kids over the last few weeks. Then, hubby hasn't done any since his procedure last week. So, I've been trying to pick up the slack & get us caught up.

4:10pm - Afternoon school session 3 starts with penmanship. Then, we do Spelling. That is followed by LOFD. Today, he is doing the Bridge following chapter 25. He passed the Bridge on the first try! Yay! Then, he works on Latin. He's telling me that he's sad that he is finishing LFC A this week, but is looking forward to LFC B. He also told me he is sad that he is so close to finishing LOFD, but is looking forward to LOF Fractions. He is really enjoying these programs! After finishing his Latin for today, he asked if we could  watch the first lesson on the first dvd for primer B, just to get a sneak peek before next week.

6:15pm - Dinner time. We're finishing watching the Latin lesson while we eat dinner. It is a rather long lesson, over 10 minutes. I doubt they will all be that way. i'm sure it's just because this one reviews a bit from the last level.

6:30pm - The kids are outside playing.

7:30pm - The kids relax watching some tv & eating fruit. We didn't finish those Art projects. I guess we'll try to do them tomorrow.

8:30pm Jay is in my room reading and Dea is doing some chores &  playing with the dog.

9:30pm - Jay heads up to bed to read (and apparently to clean). Dea has walked the dog and cleaned the litter boxes, so she heads to her room to read.