Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Good-Bye School Room

Our school room is no more. It was never really used for doing school in anyway. The school stuff was stored in there. Sometimes, Dea would do school in there, mainly because she didn't want to clear off the table in the office to work there. It was mainly used as a play room for the kids, though. However, I am tired of the mess (they don't clean it several times a week as they are supposed to, so it is always trashed & virtually impossible to walk through). Plus, Jay hasn't been practicing his drums. I know, those two things - a messy room & Jay not practicing drums - may sound totally unrelated, but I assure you, there is a connection being made here. I am convinced that the reason he has not been practicing is that the drums are in the basement. He doesn't like being down there by himself. I refuse to go into the basement due to the spiders (I am deathly afraid of spiders). Hubby can't be down there every time Jay practices. Dea won't stay down there for long. So, his time down there is very limited. I truly believe that he would practice almost daily, if the drums were on the main floor of the house (or in his room, but that is NOT happening). So, I am turning the 'school room' into the 'music room.' I took out the arts & crafts materials that were in there & returned them to the arts & crafts room. I moved the school cabinet into the closet. I moved the school bookcase into the office, next to the computer desk. I moved the filing cabinets out of the office (they were next to the computer desk) and into the music room (one in the closet, the other where the arts & crafts cart had been).

The drums haven't been brought up, yet. That is hubby's job. They will be brought up, though. Dea already used the music room to practice her flute yesterday. That will be its new main purpose, for the kids to use to practice their instruments. Their tv is still in that room, so they may watch tv in there. However, the main purpose is now music. Hopefully, Jay will prove me right & practice his drums much more often once they are brought up.