Monday, September 3, 2012

The Holiday Season is Upon us

It is September. September is the beginning of the holiday season for us. It is the start of autumn, my favorite season. As of today, there are 16 weeks until Christmas, about 11 weeks until Thanksgiving, and about 8 weeks until Halloween. Now is the time to start decorating the house with Autumn Decor. Now is the time to plan what we're doing for the upcoming holidays. Now is the time to plan our menus for the holidays.

I prefer starting my Christmas shopping in January, but this year I simply wasn't able to do that. We're not going to have many presents for Christmas this year. I'm thinking one or two things for each kid and one family gift.

I think I'll plan my menus this week, that way I can start picking up some of the needed ingredients now. I'm hoping to put up the autumn decorations next weekend, technically a little early, but I can hardly wait after this horribly hot, humid summer we've had..

We've been working on our activity list for Halloween and should have it done soon. I will put it up as soon as it is finalized. Then, we will start working on any changes to be made to our Advent/Christmas activities.

I love this time of year. The weather will cool off. We'll head to the apple orchard. The house will smell of baking banana bread & pumpkin bread, and of multiple things made with apples. We'll have windows open & be able to shut of the A/C. The air will be crisp & cool. The leaves will change colors, making the world look so beautiful. Our hikes will be better. We'll spend more time outside. Plus, I get to plan the holidays. I know many people find the holidays stressful & hectic, but I really love the holiday season. We've put in a lot of effort to make the season less stressful & more enjoyable. Each year, the holidays get just a little better, as we perfect our traditions way of celebrating.