Thursday, September 6, 2012

Week in Review 8/6/12

Yes, I realize that today is Thursday, not Friday. However, we're done with school for the week, so I might as well do this post now (before I forget). This was a really short week for us. Hubby was off work on Monday for Labor Day. He will be off on Friday so he can have surgery, nothing major, just a minor outpatient procedure. Anyway, between doing the shopping, taking hubby in for his surgery, and taking care of hubby after the surgery, we won't have time to fit in school. So, here's what we've done this week:

FF - p. 1-3
LOFD - chap 21 - 23
Metric2 - p. 1 - 4

Language Arts:
CTD - chap 5
AAS3 - step 14
EG3 - p. 45 - 50

LFCA - chap 31

ST series 2 - vol. 4My Favorite Season, vol 5 Going Outside

LS lesson 21, FWL

Art:Art Auction Mystery

Science: read book, 9 activities/demonstrations on Air from Elements of Science kit

History: read book

Geography: Games

We're not quite where I'd hoped we'd be by this time. I was really hoping to be much further along in several subjects. We've had to take more days off than I had expected. Plus, there were a few weeks we did almost nothing, because my husband wanted me to keep down the stress level. So, with all this unexpected time off, we just aren't where I hoped we'd be. However, with our new schedule, so much more gets done each day. Jay has more time to work without hubby here (the kids can't focus when hubby is here), so he gets all his work done most days. He's also finally falling into a nice rhythm with the new schedule. He does a school session in the morning - doing Science, History, or Geography. Then, he reads for an hour before our lunch break (1 1/5 hrs). After lunch, he plays online Math games for 30 minutes as the start of the 1st of 3 sessions of schoolwork separated by 20-30 minute breaks. He chooses which subjects to do during each of his afternoon sessions. So, he does a total of 4 sessions of school each day. Hopefully, since he's found his rhythm, we'll have more good days the rest of the year. He's also doing most of his work independently, which is really nice.