Monday, October 29, 2012

Next Year

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have to cut next year's school budget by a large chunk. I will be buying materials for Jay for a few subjects. For Dea, I will only be picking up the new Grammar for her 9th grade year. When she finishes her 9th grade work, she can work on the 10th grade courses for which we don't need to buy materials.

I will be buying the next 3 levels of LOF - Elementary Physics, Pre-Algebra 1, & Pre-Algebra 2. I don't think he really needs them, but I also don't think he needs to be doing Algebra in 4th grade, either. Especially considering how fast he speeds through Math, I would prefer to make sure we don't miss anything and give him a very solid foundation. At the speed he's going (he'll be starting those new LOF books as soon as they get here), he'll be doing Trig by 7th grade as it is. Plus, with a heavier focus in a few other subjects, I want to go lighter in Math. I will be buying LFC Primer C, because we do not want to take a year off in Latin. I will be buying Spelling, but only one level of AAS (level 5). I wanted to get 5 & 6, but we'll have to make it work with just one. I will be buying a few workbooks for Logic. Hopefully, they will last the year. I will be buying little to nothing for Science & History. For those subjects, we'll rely almost entirely on the library & Netflix.

I had planned to buy Joy Hakim's The Story of Science. Our library carries the books, so I thought I'd just borrow them. Then, I found out that 2 of the 3 books are Reference books, therefore can't be checked out. I don't understand this at all. Trying to plan out a History of Science course this late in the planning process, without a spine, and make it cohesive would be a lot of work that I simply don't have time for right now. So, we have decided to change the focus for the year. He will now be studying Dinosaurs, Herbology, and Marine Biology. I am now working on planning those. We won't be buying too many resources for Science, but I will see if I can pick up a few fun things. I don't know why, but I feel very strongly about having History & Science thoroughly planned for next year. I guess it's because I was planning on actually having spines for those subjects.

I won't be buying Easy Grammar for next year, but am planning to pick up some new books of Mad Libs. I think between Mad Libs & Latin, Grammar should be fine. I will also be incorporating more games into our days, games for Vocab & Spelling for a fun addition to Language Arts. We have every thing we need for Music. Art will be Art Appreciation for the year, and we have plenty for that. Since we always have art supplies on hand, he will get to do some hands-on Art. We already have the materials we need for Geography, so we're good there. For ASL, we'll either continue with free resources from the library or use The Joy of Signing, which we already have. Since he won't have a formal Writing program, I will just add writing assignments to his other subjects. We do have a few levels of Writing Strands still, so maybe I'll have him use that for the year. So, basically, I just need to figure out what materials we can use for History & Science. I have already come up with a good plan for History. I have found over 200 books & dvds from the library, Netflix, and what we have here. Plus, I've started a list of activities he can do for little to no cost. So, History is pretty well taken care of. Science is the only one left to really need work still.