Thursday, October 4, 2012

So Frustrated

We've been working on building a castle. Well actually, we've been making the plaster bricks to build a castle. It has taken us a few months, because we could only do a few batches of bricks at a time, and only a few days a week. So, we finished the bricks and were ready to build the castle. The glue that came with the kit had solidified, so was useless. We tried using Elmer's, and that was pointless. The glue simply wasn't strong enough to hold the bricks together. I am so frustrated right now! I feel like we have wasted so much time & money on this project, only to get nothing out of it but a ton of irritation. The instructions for making the bricks gave the wrong measurements of water & plaster, so we had to tweak that to find the right mix. Then, we couldn't do enough batches (so theoretically don't have the right number of bricks), due to the amount of plaster wasted using the instructed amount & trying to move down to the right amount (the instructed amount was way more than would fit in the mold & wasted tons of plaster). Right now, I have tons of glue covered bricks just sitting on the table, as I try to figure out if there is something we can actually do with them now. I will wait awhile to make a decision, since I might get an idea once my frustration has diminished. My husband suggested using a stronger glue (actually, he suggested 2 part epoxy), but I want Jay to do this, not me, and I don't trust him with something like that (he got glue all over his hands & all sides of the bricks, I don't want him doing that with 2 part epoxy).