Saturday, October 20, 2012

Week in Review 10/20/12

I know. I have been horrible about doing these lately. This week wasn't exactly great for us. Our car died. Well, actually the transmission died. Anyone who knows anything about cars will know that is a very expensive issue. It is just one more unexpected, very expensive expense in a year that has been filled with them. In fact, things have been so tight for us this year that I have to cut the school budget for next year, by a huge amount. Luckily, we already have just about everything for Dea's 9th grade year, which will start in January. The only thing I don't have for her is the new Grammar program I planned to get. Unfortunately, it means that Jay's 4th grade year will require mostly free resources. I am working on replanning the year. We will still be buying materials for Math, Spelling, and Latin, but that's probably it. It means less projects & experiments than usual. It means less fun stuff. It means no formal Writing or Grammar. I will make it work, though.

Anyway, onto where we're at this week. With the car blowing up, my husband taking a few days off work (because of the car), and having to have people give us rides to all appts/errands, we did not get a full week of work done. We didn't do too bad, though.

FF: p.70 - 80
LOFF: chap 6 - 9
Metric2: p. 26 - 33

Language Arts:
AAS3: step 20
CTD: chap 7
EG4: p. 48 - 57

LFC B - chap 4

ASL: I Want to Learn Sign Language vol 1 & 2

Logic: MWW, FWL, LS less 27, Mensa Whodunnits

Art: Color Your Own Van Gogh

Geography: MC travel

Science: read a book, visited websites

History: watched documentary on Islam

Science & History are the subjects that took the biggest hit. We do those in the morning, which is when all the phone calls had to be made, the errands had to be run, and the appts were. So, mornings were very busy & we didn't get a lot done for Science & History. I was really just glad that we got anything done for them, considering how hectic & crappy the week was.