Sunday, October 28, 2012

Week in Review 10/27/12

Let's get the school stuff out of the way first. We almost got a full week of work done. We skipped Geography, and he still hasn't start that Music theory program (we keep forgetting about that).

FF - p.81 - 96
LOFF - chap 10, bridge, chap 11-13
Metric2 - p.34 - 38

Lang. Arts:
AAS3 - step 21, 22
CTD - finish chap 7, start chap 8
EG4 - p.58 - 64, Verb Test & Cumulative Test (done with Verb section, moving onto Punctuation in EG3 next week)

LFC B - chap 5

ASL - I Want to Learn Sign Language vol 2

Logic - MWW, FWL, LS less 28, 29 (this is done now), Mensa Whodunnits

Art - Color Your Own Van Gogh

History & Science - read books

Friday was the best day of the week. Latin was Latin Bingo, and Spelling was Scrabble. The kids carved the Jack-o-Lantern. It was supposed to be a cat in front of a full moon, but, in the process of carving, the cat lost it's head, tail, and a foot. Using a knife & some toothpicks, I tried to turn it into an eye. It is either a cyclops' eye or the eye of Sauron, depending on who you ask. It doesn't look great, but it's better than nothing. We also made chocolate chip cookies. Dea got to go to her grandma's for the weekend. Jay watched Jaws for the first time. Some may think he's a little young for it (seeing as he's only 8), but he's a few years older than I was the first time I saw it. He loved the movie. He seemed a little scared once or twice, but mostly was just riveted to the screen. At the end, he was crying a little. I'm still not sure exactly why; all he would say about it was that the movie was kind of sad.

This week we played Wildcraft! for the first time. I bought it last year, but we haven't gotten around to playing it until now. It is a cooperative board game that teaches about the medicinal uses of some herbs. It's not a real comprehensive teaching tool, but it's fun, educational, and enough to get the kids more interested in using herbs medicinally. They get some exposure to the medicinal use of herbs because I am studying it & use them. They really enjoyed the game and have started asking more questions about using herbs.

Our house has been invaded by a giant centipede. Honestly, I haven't seen it & have no idea how big it is, but the kids say it huge. Today, we picked up some diatomaceous earth to kill it. We bought 2 bags so we could do inside & outside the house. It is safe to use around kids & pets, but will kill the nasty creepy crawlies. It should also get rid of the earwigs & silverfish, too.

One of our cats is sick. He has a urinary tract infection. One of the other cats just got over an infection, which required 10 days of liquid meds 2 times a day. I have to admit, I'm getting a bit tired of having to give cats medicine. This time we got pills, which are slightly easier than liquid, but we need to give them to him 2 times a day for 20 days.

While filling Jay's binder for next week, I realized a few things. One is that he will be almost completely out of Math by our Christmas break. Unless he slows down (which I doubt), he will be done with Life of Fred Fractions & Finishing Fractions by Christmas break. That will leave just Measurement, Metric measurement, and Tall-Tale Math (which he took a break from a while ago, because pretty much everything required fractions & he hadn't formally studied them yet), until we get the materials for next year. I could just let him go straight to Algebra. I don't doubt that he could it. I'm certain that all the Math in LOF Elementary Physics, Pre-Algebra 1, & Pre-Algebra 2 (the three levels we plan on having him do next year) will be review, but I really wanted to give him a lighter year for Math in 4th. I would rather he do a year of fun review, with a program he loves, allowing time for everything he's learned to be cemented, than rush into Algebra and find out there's something we missed or something he still needs to work on. However, his current work isn't likely to last him til the end of 3rd. I really don't think the Meas, Metric, & TTM will last to the end of the school year, even if he waits until after Christmas break to pick up TTM again, especially since he's about to start Meas3. That means only 2 books left for each measurement series. Plus, he finished most of one of the TTM books & did some work from the other one, which means that combined there is maybe one full book of work between them. So, I'm going to have to figure out something for him to do to finish out the year.
The second thing I realized is that his Writing might not last the whole school year, either. He's in the last chapter of the first Writing book, which means he'll be starting the second one soon. The second book only has 6 chapters. If he works consistently, not taking days or weeks off in Writing, he will likely finish it before the end of the school year.