Sunday, November 25, 2012

Black Friday

I hate Black Friday. I do not participate in it. I did one year. My sister had a lot going on & asked me to go with her & my mom, so I could act as a buffer. I went, for my sister. I hated every second of it. We went to Starbucks to get coffee. I don't do Starbucks. I find them overpriced and really prefer the coffee I make at home. We went to several stores I don't shop at. It was freezing out, and I hate the cold. I wanted to punch the idiot that was standing in line outside Toys 'R' Us, with her infant, at 4 am, in freezing temperatures. I will never go again. I only went as a favor that time. You couldn't pay me to do it again.

I have photosensitive eyes. They have gotten more sensitive as I've aged. This makes driving in the dark very difficult for me. I have to wear sunglasses when in a car at night, because the headlights coming toward me hurt my eyes so much. It is dark when Black Friday sales start.

I hate crowds. I have never liked being in large groups of people. I feel claustrophobic in large groups. I like my personal space and hate when people invade it. Stores are seriously overcrowded on Black Friday. They are full of people with no concern for the personal space of others. You can't walk or move without running into someone. People standing in line leave no space between them & those in front of them, so nobody can cut in line. If I can feel your breath on me, you are too damn close & need to back the hell off before I hurt you. People ignore this basic courtesy on Black Friday.

I normally go to bed anywhere between 1 am & 4 am. I would have to go to bed early on Thanksgiving, so I could get up when I'd normally be heading to bed, to go shopping.

Did I mention that I'm not overly fond of shopping? I despise shopping for me. Shopping for other people is somewhat better, but I often would prefer to just get most people a gift card instead of having to pick something out for them.

In other words, I dislike every single aspect of Black Friday. There truly isn't a part of it that I enjoy. I will venture out to go grocery shopping, though I'm not fond of the excessive traffic, and contrary to what some have said, grocery stores are still just as busy as usual (the least where I shop). I refuse to set foot in any other kind of store on that day, unless absolutely necessary. So, while so many people I know are out shopping, standing in lines, freezing, getting knocked around, and fighting for the items they want to buy, I am at home, snuggled in my bed, happy & relaxed. I think it takes a certain kind of crazy to enjoy Black Friday shopping, and I have an entirely different kind of crazy.