Monday, November 19, 2012

Next Year Science & History

As I said in my posts about how I plan the school year, I don't usually plan out a complete list of library materials that I plan to use for these subjects. However, I am this year. With the massive budget cuts I'm making for this next year, I want to make sure I have everything covered. Plus, we were going to have spines for History & Science next year, a first for Jay. Anyway, I have been planning out lists of all the materials our library has that we may want to use. It's been a huge pain trying to figure out a level for most of them. Some we may end up not using, because I can't guarantee the level of the books, and therefore I may have picked a few that are too young. My other problem is that they don't all have descriptions, which makes it a little more challenging to decide if it is right for what we'll be studying.

Of course, I will still run into the possibility of needing to put them on hold because someone else has them or they are at the wrong location. I deal with that now, even without a list, though. I'm still unsure if I like this new method or not. I'm also unsure if it will turn out to have been a pointless or useful exercise.

I do think the plan is coming along nicely, so far. I have a list of over 200 books & videos/dvds I hope to use for History. I have just finished the list of materials I hope to use for Science, and it also is over 200 items long. So, we should have plenty of material. I still need to do a little more searching for websites for both subjects. It does suck that we'll have less labs & hands-on projects than usual, but we'll deal. I've come up with a few project ideas, but am hoping to come up with a few more.

Hopefully, I have some time this week to work on planning for next year. With having to cut & reorganize so much, I still have a bit of planning left. We're doing light school this week, skipping a few subjects, and taking a few days off, for Thanksgiving. With any luck, all that time off will be plenty to finish any planning for the upcoming school year for both kids (I think I'm done with Dea's 9th grade year, but will double check).