Saturday, November 17, 2012

Week in Review 11/17/12

This has been a long week. Let's start with Tuesday. Dea had an appointment with her therapist. At this appointment, we were informed that her current therapist is leaving & we're getting another therapist. Fantastic. We've been working with this one for less than a year. So thrilled that we are, yet again, being forced to switch to a new therapist. We're also told that we need to come back in on Friday, at a very inconvenient time, to meet the new therapist. Wednesday, we had to say good-bye to one of our cats. It was the oldest one, the one we had the longest. My husband had him before we ever got together. He hasn't been happy for a little while, now. He doesn't like the other cats or the dog (the cat, not my husband). So, he decided to show his displeasure by peeing everywhere except the litter boxes. After taking him to the vet to rule out medical issues and trying to correct the behavior, we finally decided it was time to let him go. My husband's sister agreed to take the cat. This is good because he will have run off the whole house (except the kitchen, where the chihuahuas stay) and will not have to deal with the stress of the other, younger animals harassing him. It was hard for us to say good-bye, though. It was a very tearful morning. Friday, we had yet another appointment with Dea's therapist. It was at a very inconvenient time & threw off the rest of the day. So, it was not a full week of school for us.

Jay finished his study of Water this week. We cut it short because much of what we were going to cover in this study will be covered next year in Marine Biology. He also finished AAS level 3. Last week, he finished CTD. This week, we didn't get to either Geography or Art, since we do those on Wednesday which was a really hard day.

FF: p.121-131
LOF Fractions: chap 21-24, bridge
Meas3: p. 12-16

Language Arts:
AAS3: step 27, 28
EG4: p. 207-216
FTD: chap 1

LFC B: chap 7

ASL: Getting Started in Signing section 2

Logic: MWW, FWL, Mensa Whodunnits

Science: watch dvd, read books, visit websites

History: read book