Saturday, November 24, 2012

Week in Review 11/23/12

This week was a short school week, of course, due to the holiday. We took Thursday & Friday off because my husband had those days off work. Due to only doing school 3 days & holiday lack of focus, we skipped a few subjects that I prefer have more time & attention than we could commit this week. It's a good thing we went easy this week, as he had a horrible headache on Tuesday & did almost nothing. We skipped Geography, Art, Latin, ASL, Spelling, History, and Science. Thanksgiving was fantastic, fun, and relaxing. We played a few games (over 6 hours of them), watched a little tv, and ate delicious food.

FF: p.132 - 135
LOFF: chap 25 - 27
Meas3: p.17-20

Langauge Arts:
EG4: p.217 - 220 Punctuation test
FTD: chap 1

Logic: MWW, FWL, Mensa Whodunnits