Monday, November 5, 2012

Week in Review 11/5/12

I completely forgot to do this post at the end of last week. So, here's the Week in Review for last week. We took Wednesday off for Halloween. Halloween is a big holiday for us, and we always take off for it. We skipped ASL last week, while we decided on what we would use next. Since Jay does Geography & Art on Wednesdays, we skipped those last week, as well.

FF: p.97 - 110
LOFF: chap 14, 15, bridge, 16
Metric2: p.39 - 42 (finished
Meas3: p. 1-2

Language Arts:
AAS: step 23
CTD: chap 8
EG3: p.189 - 196

LFC B: chap 5 This was a review chapter, so we spent 2 weeks on it.

Logic: MWW, FWL, Mensa Whodunnits

History & Science: read books

Halloween was fantastic. The kids had a great time. We played pumpkin bowling & pumpkin darts. We played Halloween Scrabble, Halloween Bingo, and other games. We watched The Haunting. The kids dressed up. It was a fun day for all of us. After the day off, I kept forgetting we were in the middle of the week & kept thinking we should be doing Monday's work on Thursday.