Saturday, November 10, 2012

Week in Review 11/9/12

I'm starting on this week's Week in Review post on Friday night. I'm rather proud of that. Lately, I haven't been very good about doing these posts at all, much less getting them done on time. It won't get posted until Saturday, but still.

Well, this hasn't been an exciting week. Really, not much happened. Dea had an appointment with the eye doctor & is getting glasses. The doctor said the prescription is really mild, even optional. We figure it's better to get them than risk her eyes getting worse because we didn't. Other than that, all that happened this week was Dea finishing her Algebra. She redid all the lessons she lost before the grades were entered, and then took her final (which she aced). So, onto Jay's school work.

Math -
FF: p.111 - 120
LOFF: chap. 17, 18, 19, bridge, 20
Meas3: p.3 - 11

Language Arts -
AAS3: step 24-26
EG3: p.197 - 203, punctuation test
EG4: p.205 - 206
CTD: chap 8 finished major writing assignment, is now done with the book
FTD: chap 1

LFC B: chap 6

ASL: Getting Started in Signing - section 1, chap 1 - 5

Logic: MWW, FWL, Mensa Whodunnits

Art: Leather work bookmark

Geography: MC - Bird Migrations

History - built castle

Science - read book, 8 activities from Elements of Science kit