Friday, December 21, 2012

Break Time!

We're done with school & ready for a break! Dea has finished 8th grade, pretty much. She's doing an Anatomy & Physiology course through Universal Class, to make up for not passing the one we planned. I told her she has until Jan 7th, when we start up again. If she has finished it by then, with an 80% or higher, I'll add it to her transcript. With the possible exception of adding another course to her transcript, I am done with her 8th grade year. So, I'm making sure we have everything set for 9th. I'm pretty sure we do, but I will go over it all once more just to be certain.

As for Jay, he still has a few months left of 3rd. I've been spending a lot of time planning out details for his 4th grade year. With the budget being so small next year, I have to work so much harder to make sure he will be getting as good an education as he has been getting. It takes a lot of planning, searching, & creativity, but I will make sure his education does not suffer one bit from this budget cut.

Anyway, instead of doing a regular Week in Review post, I thought I'd give a general update on where he is right now. So, here goes.

We'll start with what he has finished:
LOF Decimals & Percents
LOF Fractions
Perfecting the Point (Mastering Mathematics Decimals & Percents)
Finishing Fractions (Mastering Mathematics Fractions)
Logic Safari 2
Key to Measurement bk 1, 2, 3
Key to Metric Measurement bk 1, 2
Science: Meteorology
Science: Water
History: Middle Ages & Renaissance
Word Winks
LFC Primer A - started last year, but finished last 10 chapters or so this year

Of course, he still has plenty to do. He's more than halfway done with EG3 & EG4. He's working in LFC Primer B. He might not finish it this year, but it's fine if it runs over to next year. We've started AAS4. He's working in FTD, the next book in the Stack the Deck series for Writing. We've barely started on Geology. He'll be starting Pirates & Explorers after the break. We've watched all the Signing Time dvds, and moved onto some other ASL dvds from our local library. We'll continue with dvds from the library, possibly doing some more than once (as review), to finish out the year. Basically, there is not a single area where he has fallen behind schedule or that I am concerned about.

This last few weeks, we've done very little school. They caught a cold. The cold turned into croup for Jay. Then, Jay got a sinus infection & Dea managed a double ear infection. Then, we got hit with a stomach bug! Both kids got the stomach bug, as did I. My husband finally had to take a day off last week because he got the respiratory virus the kids had & he felt awful. So, it has been difficult to get school done through the coughing, vomiting, pain, and fighting over the only bathroom. For the next two weeks, we are on break. I won't post much, if at all over our break. We have the Winter Solstice, Christmas, and Jay's birthday to celebrate over this break. Plus, I've got prep for Dea's 9th and planning for Jay's 4th to do still.

Oh, I did figure out what Jay will be doing for Math after the break. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday he will play online Math games for 30 minutes. Tuesday and Thursday he will do practice problems on Khan Academy for 30 minutes. He will watch videos on MathTV every day. He loves that site & has already started watching the videos. I told him to start at the beginning, with Basic Mathematics, and go through them in order. He will also watch a few videos from Art of Problem Solving each day. He also enjoys these videos. He still has 3 Key to books left, and will be doubling up on those, doing 2 pages a day. Plus, I have scoured our library catalog for fun Math books for him. I've got a list of ones that I think he'll enjoy. I did try to find ones that aren't too young for him, but it's difficult to tell without seeing them. We'll be picking up several each week for him to read. That's the plan. Hopefully, it will be enough for him until we get the next three levels of LOF for next year. He'll start Elementary Physics as soon as it gets here.