Sunday, December 2, 2012

Week in Review Dec 2

Snow may not have hit us yet, but the colds & other viruses that come with this time of year have. By Thursday, both kids were feeling kind of yucky. They're ok, nothing seriously wrong with either. They're just a little congested, coughing a little, and sneezing occasionally. They also get an occasional headache, and the muscles in Dea's upper back have been a bit sore. So, our schedule has been a bit wonky.

Dea is almost done with her work for 8th grade (about damn time, too). She just needs to finish her Anatomy & Physiology and Grammar. Christmas break is coming up in just a few weeks, and we are all working toward finishing up a few things before then.

So, here is what Jay got done this week:

FF - p.136 - 145
LOFF - chap 28, 29, bridge
Meas3 - p. 23 - 28

Language Arts:
AAS4 - step 1
FTD - chap 1
EG3 - p.88 - 97

LFC B - chap 8

ASL - Getting Started in Signing section 3

Logic - MWW, FWL, Mensa Whodunnits

Art - charcoal drawing

Geography - online Geography games

Science & History - read books

Our deal with Dea, about her being in charge of her own schedule, was only for the year of 2012. We said that we would revisit it at the end of the year & decide if she had proven capable of managing her time efficiently or not. Well, she has not proven ready to take full charge of her schedule. So, I will be much more involved in her scheduling again, starting in January. I won't be planning her days for her, but with her. So far, we have come up with a weekly schedule for how often & on which days she will do each subject. Jay and I came up with a weekly schedule for his 4th grade year, too. We also came up with a daily schedule that should allow me to work with both kids on the subjects they need me, give them both time for independent work, give them both free time, and allow time for chores. This was just slightly challenging considering the number of courses & expected number of hours planned for each.
Since she'll be sticking to an actual schedule, I'll be including Dea's week in my Week in Review posts, starting in January.