Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Reading Challenge

We did a reading challenge in 2012 where we read a different genre each month. We enjoyed it, and the kids were introduced to some genres they had previously given little to no thought. We all read some new books & new authors. We've decided to do things a little differently this year, though. We are going to read our way through the alphabet. We will start with A & work our way through Z. Assuming we want to continue this way, we'll then start back at A & do it again.

Here's the basic plan: Go to the A section. Chose a book that sounds interesting. Repeat with B - Z. Aim for  new authors. If you choose an author you've read before, at least choose a new book. Simple. There is no time limit. It's not A one month & B the next. It's just when you finish A, move to B.

The goal is the same - to expand the kids' horizons, expose them to new authors, writing styles, genres, and books. This way, there is no limiting genres by how many weeks or months in a year or by how many genres & sub-genres I can think of to add to the list. This way, there's no forcing them to read genres they don't like. 

We will, of course, still be reading books outside of this. I will be posting the books Jay & I read for this here, on my blog. I will be encouraging Dea to post hers on her blog.