Monday, January 28, 2013

And That's Why We Named the Skeleton Raoul

Years ago, we bought a plastic skeleton as a Halloween decoration. Sometimes, we leave it as a skeleton, and sometimes we wrap it as a mummy. It doesn't get put away with the rest of the holiday decorations. Instead, it hangs in the 3-season porch all year. Well, a few weeks ago, Jay was out in the porch dancing with the skeleton. I had to tell him to stop dancing with the skeleton & come in the house.

So, my husband was on Facebook discussing the odd things parents have to say to their kids that really you never thought you'd have to say. He brought up that statement. We then decided that we should name the skeleton, if for no other reason, so I wouldn't have to repeat that particular statement. I asked the kids to choose a name for the skeleton, but they could not agree on one. Since the kids couldn't agree, my husband and I chose one. We decided on Raoul.

When I was in the hospital, on bed rest, while pregnant with my son, the doctor that was taking care of me always asked us if we were naming the baby Raoul. It was an ongoing joke between us. Every time, he'd say, "So, you're going to name the baby Raoul, right?" It was one of the very few things that made me smile while I was stuck in the hospital & has remained a private joke in our family ever since. So, now we have a skeleton named Raoul, who hangs out on our porch.