Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Medieval Times & Renaissance - 3rd Grade

Battle of Hastings
Castles of Britain
Castles in Medieval Times
Hand Weapons
Siege Weapons
Siegecraft & Defense
Middle Ages Interactives
Heraldry Game
Heraldic Dictionary
Middle Ages
Mr Dowling
NOVA Medieval Siege
The Crusades
The Elizabethan World
Gode Cookery
History for Kids
The Tome
Medieval Recipes

Why Why Why Did Knights Wear Heavy Armor
You Wouldn't Want to be a Medieval Knight
Ye Castle Stinketh
A Medieval Feast
The Horrible, Miserable Middle Ages
What if You Met a Knight
Ms Frizzle's Adventures: Medieval Castle
Knights & Castles
About Castles and Crusaders
Henry VIII: Royal Beheader
The Axe and the Oath
Henry VIII
Two Histories of England
The World of Castles
Life in a Medieval Castle
The Middle Ages
Questions & Answers: Knights & Castles
Charlemagne and the Early Middle Ages
The Importance of Charlemagne
The World in the Time of Charlemagne
Life in the Renaissance: The Church
Life in the Renaissance: The Countryside
Leonardo da Vinci
The Italian Renaissance
Leonardo da Vinci
What Life Was Like in Europe's Romantic Era
Leonardo da Vinci
Outrageous Women of the Renaissance
Life in the Renaissance: The City

Historical Fiction:
The Seeing Stone
The King's Shadow
The middle Ages: An Interactive History Adventure
The Door in the Wall
The Castle in the Attic
The Story of King Arthur and His Knights
The Book of the Lion
Pagan's Crusade
Murder Most Medieval

Barbarians disc 1 & 2
The Madness of Henry VIII (National Geographic)
The Tower (series)
Monarchy (series)
History's Mysteries: The Inquisition
Inside Islam
Empires: Martin Luther
Scourge of the Black Death
King Arthur: His Life and Legends
The True Story of Hannibal
Da Vinci & the Code he Lived By
The Crusades: Crescent & the Cross
Islam: Empire of Faith
King Arthur: The Truth Behind the Legend
The True Story of Braveheart

Make a Meal
Make a Book of Days
Write a Code of Honor
Design a Coat of Arms
Build a trebuchet:

Build a Castle:
Ok, we had some issues with this one. We had planned to use this:
However, the plaster brick recipe they provided was off & we wasted a lot of plaster trying to find the right amounts. Then, we ended up not having enough bricks. The glue that came with it had solidified in the packaging, so was useless. Elmer's glue wasn't strong enough. We didn't want him using 2-part epoxy or hot glue (and 'we' includes Jay, as he doesn't like getting glue on himself, and knows that he isn't ready for epoxy or hot glue guns). We wanted him to be the one to do it, not me. It wasn't my project, it was his. Therefore, we agreed that he should be the one to build it, but could not agree on an adhesive. He tried building without any adhesive, and it collapsed before he got halfway there. So, we bought this:
$12 at Walmart. Foam bricks you can cut, paint, glue, or whatever else you want to do to them. He built his castle without any glue, so he could knock it down with his trebuchet.

The display board, knights, flag, and drawbridge are from the other castle building set. Of course, moments after this picture was shot, the invading hoarde fired their trebuchets & catapults. Flaming pieces of wood were shot over the castle walls, along with the heads of those killed on the battlefield. There were so few left to defend the castle, and the siege had gone on for so long. Sadly, the castle was overrun with enemies. All that is left now is the crumbling remnants of what was once a strong & beautiful fortress.

Da Vinci Kit:

We did the other activities, as well, but the flying machine model is the only one I took pics of.