Sunday, January 27, 2013

Yes, We're Still Homeschooling

I know I haven't posted about homeschooling since we took our Christmas break. My last few posts have been rather personal & did not involve homeschooling at all. We are still homeschooling, I just haven't really had much to say about homeschooling for the last few weeks.

We got back to work on January 7th. Dea has now officially started 9th grade. It has been a slow start, trying to get her used to her new schedule. She is not starting all her courses (there are about 12 of them this year) at one time. I hope that we will soon find our rhythm. I also hope that she soon stops complaining about the courses she doesn't like.

Jay is still working on 3rd grade. He will start 4th grade mid-April. I should be ordering materials for next year within the next month. Right now, things feel a bit odd with having so little Math for Jay. He watches videos on and videos from AoPS. He also plays online games & does practice problems on Khan Academy. I had also planned for him to read Math books from the library, but had forgotten about that for the last few weeks. We picked up several Math books from the library today, though. For ASL, we have exhausted all our local library has to offer in the form of DVDs. Well, all that would be useful right now. They do still have a few, but those are too advanced for now. So, we are using a free online course for the rest of 3rd grade.

I had the idea to use picture books, next year, to reinforce the literary elements we've discussed last year & this year and possibly introduce some new literary elements. I decided to try it out during the last few months of this year, so if it doesn't work out I can figure out something else. We've tried it out with a few books over the last few weeks, and it is going well so far. It was kind of odd wandering through the picture book section again. I haven't been in that section for 4 or 5 years, since Jay decided he had outgrown picture books & Easy Readers.

I've also recently set up another blog. It'll have more photos & generally be more visual than this one. It will also have less personal stuff & focus more on homeschooling & family time (family games, hikes, activities, etc.). There isn't much there yet, because it's new. Feel free to check it out, if you'd like.

We also found out Jay has allergies. The doctor said it wasn't really important that we find out what he's allergic to, since the reaction is so minor, but it's probably animal dander and/or dust.So, she suggested OTC allergy meds. I'm going to look into natural allergy treatments, to see if I can find something other than meds. Until then, he is on the OTC stuff, because it is helping. We're not getting rid of the animals, though. If his allergies get worse, we'll consider it, but as long as they are manageable & minor, we are keeping the animals. He was really worried that we'd have to get rid of the animals. He loves them so much. He would hate to be the reason we had to give them away. Also, he can't stand the idea of not being able to have pets of his own when he grows up, especially cats.