Friday, February 8, 2013

Week in Review

I'm trying out a new way of doing the Week in Review posts. They are usually more of a list of what was done for school. That is because that is how I keep track of it in my notebook, and because a more narrative format will be a much longer post. I'm going to try doing it as more of a narrative & less of a list, though.

A few notes about how our days run:
1) Breakfast & dinner are most often fend for yourself meals. Lunch is our big meal. That is the only meal we can guarantee everyone will be here to eat together. Breakfast is whenever you get up or decide you're hungry. Lunch is 11:30am. Dinner is about 5pm.
2) Dea is pretty much in charge of her day. She has a schedule that tells her what subjects need to be done each day, but she decides when to do each subject.
3) Jay's school is done in sessions. There is a session in the morning that generally just consists of Science, History, or Geography. The rest is after lunch. The afternoon sessions generally consist of 3 things each. Each session is followed by a break. He has 2-3 afternoon sessions each day. How long they take depends largely on him.


I went to bed early on Sunday. So, I get up a little after 4am. Before the kids get up, I pay some bills, get together the tax stuff that we have (still need just a few things & then we can get taxes done), walk a mile with a Leslie Sansone Walk at Home DVD, have breakfast, and check in at FB.

The kids get up & come down for breakfast. They get into a fight while pouring their cereal. Fun start to the morning. I break up the argument, and they sit down to eat. They ask to go play outside after breakfast. I allow it, since it will help use up some energy. So, school starts a bit late. Dea starts out on the computer, though I'm honestly not sure what subject she is working on. Jay & I read a picture book & discuss the literary elements used in it. Then, we watch a documentary on the Ring of Fire on Netflix. After that, he curls up in my bed with a book for quiet reading time. I head to the kitchen to make lunch. Lunch is steak, oven baked cheese, and create your own salad. Have you ever tried to make 4 different salads at once while cooking steak & cheese? It gets a little hectic. Luckily, Dea helps with lunch, getting out & washing all the veggies & fruits for the salads. My sister calls to verify that Dea is still spending the day volunteering at the Dyslexia Center where my sister works.

After lunch, Jay goes on the computer for fun. Dea heads out to shovel. We got snow last night & are supposed to be getting more today & tomorrow. When my sis get here to take Dea, Jay decides he's done on the computer & goes off to play. Dea leaves, I'm not really sure when she'll be home.

About 1pm, Jay goes on the computer to play Math games & watch some videos on Today, he's watching videos on multiplication & division of mixed numbers. Then, we watch videos from Art of Problem Solving. Today, we watch videos on solving linear equations. Math videos are followed by More Word Winks and 2 pages of Easy Grammar. Then he takes a break & goes in the other room to watch a DVD.

About halfway through his break, my sis brings Dea home. My sis & my niece hang out for awhile & we chat. This extends Jay's break quite a bit. After they leave, we do ASL. Jay follows that with Writing and Key to Metric Measurement. This next break is longer than usual, since it includes dinner.

After dinner, Dea heads up to her room. She has theoretically done some school work, but I haven't seen any, yet. After the break is over, Jay finishes off his school. This session is just two things - Latin & Spelling. The rest of the day is free time. Jay watches some tv, reads, and plays. Dea watches some tv, does a bit more school work, plays with the dog, and reads.

I went to bed early again last night, so got up at a horribly early hour again today. I have to make sure I don't go to bed early tonight, so I can get back on my regular sleeping schedule. Since I'm up so much earlier than everyone else, I again get some stuff done done before anyone else awakes. By the time anyone else get up, I have done a mile walk with my DVD, done all my assigned chores for today, finished the dishes I didn't get to last night, checked in at FB, and had breakfast.

The kids get up & have breakfast. After Dea finishes, she goes up to her room (I have no idea what she's doing). Jay & I watch a show on Netflix about volcanoes. After the show, Jay goes on the computer to visit some sites for Science. My husband went to the hospital to visit an old family friend & took Dea with him. When he is done on the computer, Jay starts his hour of reading & I work on lunch. Today's lunch is Italian sausages (turkey sausage for Dea), potatoes, and corn. They get home from the hospital just before lunch is finished cooking. We watch an episode of Sanctuary while we eat. After lunch, the kids go out to play in the snow.

After lunch break, Jay goes on to Khan Academy, then watches videos on MathTv. Dea finally gets started on her Geometry assignment. After Geometry, Dea takes another break. Jay watches some Art of Problem Solving videos, then does a logic problem from Fun With Logic, and 2 pages of Key to Metric Measurement. Then he takes a break & watches some tv. This break is followed by ASL. Jay is then sent to his room to calm down because he is being whiny, rude, and yelling at me. He is back a few minutes later, apologizing & ready to work. I am so happy this was a short-lived attitude. He then does Writing and Latin.

He spends his next break playing on the computer. He then does 2 pages of Easy Grammar, and we do All About Spelling. He is now done with school for the day, just in time for dinner. After dinner, the kids go off to play. After the kids have had time to play & Dea has done some more school work, we have a snack of hot cocoa & fried plantains. While we eat, we read a picture book & discussed literary elements that we find in it. Then, Dea goes off to finish some chores, and Jay goes off to play until it's time to read before bed.

I went to bed early again, but later than the last few nights. In the middle of the night, Jay came down & crawled into my bed. There was a spider in his room. Instead of dealing with the spider in the middle of the night, my hubby left Jay in our bed & slept in the living room. So, when I get up at 6 this morning, Jay gets up too, and I kick hubby out of the living room & into our bed. Jay had breakfast & then used my Nook in the other room while I did my mile walk.

After Dea has had her breakfast & walked the dog, she has a Geometry test to take. Jay starts school with Geography. He has worksheets to read/do on Vasco da Gama & John Cabot. Then, he plays until it is time to read. After lunch, Jay plays on the computer & Dea leaves with my sister. She's going to help at the Dyslexia Center again.

When he is done on the computer, we decide to make it a fun day. We start by watching the Devil's Island episode of Discovery Atlas, which is apparently an episode of Solving History with Olly Steeds. We follow this with a Math dice game, practicing not only addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, but also mean, mode, & median. Then, he goes off to play for a bit. We have nachos & tea for dinner and watch an episode of Mythbusters. The rest of the evening consists of playing, reading, and Jay making videos.

I'm kind of feeling awful today. My bed is very near a window & the cold does horrible things to me. My sinuses were so clogged I couldn't breathe & I woke up at 2-something. I do my walk (despite feeling like crap) and find various ways to entertain myself until someone else wakes up. About 6am I start cooking lunch. We're having stove-top slow-cooked chicken, and I need to get the chicken cooking.

After the kids have breakfast, Dea goes on the computer to do some school. Jay and I watch a show on Netflix about pirates. Then, they go play. Jay is reading a choose-your-own adventure book about pirates. The chicken has fallen apart, so we de-bone it, grab some hamburger buns, and make sandwiches. After lunch, Jay goes on the computer for a bit. Then the kids go outside to play. Once I drag them back in from playing in the snow, Jay does Khan Academy & MathTv. Dea & I go over her Geometry test. Then, she reads for English. Jay & I watch videos from Art of Problem Solving. Then, he does Fun with Logic and Grammar.

He plays during his break. Jay asks for a snack before getting back to work. When he goes to get Dea from her room, she is asleep. After a quick snack, it's back to work. Jay starts with ASL. Today, he finally chooses which hand will be his dominant hand in ASL. Until now I have allowed him to sign with either hand, as long as only one hand was dominant per conversation (he originally tried to switch dominant hands mid-word or mid-sentence). With him being ambidextrous, I wanted to allow him to figure out which hand was more comfortable as his dominant hand for signing. He then does Writing. He has spent this week working on the pre-writing for the major writing assignment for chapter 3 of Flip the Deck. I don't know why, but he is being very annoy today. He is driving me nuts! It's like someone figured out how to bottle obnoxious & poured it in his cereal this morning. I'm getting very close to skipping the rest of school & sending him to his room. Every time I try to talk to him about what he is doing that is irritating, he just does something else that is irritating. He does Latin next, then heads off to play. Dea is in her bedroom calming down. She was trying to figure out what she did wrong on one problem on her Geometry test. All she was doing, though, was getting more aggravated, so I sent her to her room to calm down.

They go back out to play in the snow before dinner. Due to long breaks & whining, neither will finish school until after dinner today. After they eat, Dea gets some dishes soaking & decides to try reading her book for English some more. Jay & I do Spelling. He's now done with school for the day, and will spend the rest of the day playing quite loudly in another room.

After a night of horrible sleep, I force myself to stay in bed until 6am. I get up & immediately wake up the kids. Dea is spending the entire day helping at the Dyslexia center again. Jay is going grocery shopping with me, and I want to leave early. We brave the streets full of morons who act like they have never seen snow before (Seriously, this is the Midwest. We get snow every winter. It's winter. Why do these morons act like snow is something new, every single year?) to get to the ice covered parking lot at the store. We visit two grocery stores and head home. While I put groceries away, Jay plays. He would help, but I want to rearrange the fridge. I have decided to move all the produce to the top shelf because the drawer simply isn't big enough. Jay reads about pirates for his quiet reading time. After lunch, Jay goes on the computer.

I have hurt my knee today (I have no idea how). Between that & Dea being gone, we have decided to do a short day of school. He does online Math games, MathTv, and videos from Art of Problem Solving. Next, we do Logic. Today's Logic is a puzzle from Mensa Whodunits. We are doing Logic at his request. We do ASL, then take a break. He asks to take longer breaks today, since we're doing less work. That's fine, since I'm working on finding something right now & appreciate the extra time to do what I'm doing.

During our break, I decide to do my mile walk, and Jay joins me. Just about the time I'm having Jay get back to work, Dea gets home. I honestly wasn't expecting her for at least a few more hours. Jay finishes Key to Metric Measurement 3. He also finishes the Adverb section in Easy Grammar 4. To finish school for the day, he finishes off chapter 12 in Latin. The kids head out to play in the snow. After dinner, Dea heads to her room. Jay plays & watches some TV.

I  pull out Jay's work for next week & put it in his binder. A headache starts. I have a doctor's appointment in the morning & really need this headache to go away. If it's still here in the morning it'll throw the results of my blood pressure test. I'm hoping the test goes well & maybe I can stop taking the meds. I also have to have labs done, which means that dinner tonight was the last thing I get before my appointment, aside from water.