Monday, February 18, 2013

Week in Review

I get up about quarter to 7. By 7:15 the kids are up and eating breakfast. They fight over breakfast cereal. That makes a great start to the day. Jay is eager to start school, in hopes that we'll do an activity for Science today. I tell him to go play for a bit. I check in on FB and debate having crab rangoon & egg rolls for breakfast. Yesterday was the Chinese New Year, so we have some left over from dinner. Instead, I walk a mile & eat half an apple. We watch Deadliest Earthquakes: Nova. Dea does Writing. While we watch the thing on earthquakes, I look through the manual for our Elements of Science kit, to see if there are any activities related to Geology. There are a few for Earth & Sun, but they are all just demonstrations dealing with day/night and seasons. We already did demonstrations on that last year, when he studied Astronomy. Since he was the one who performed the demonstrations last year & explained them while doing them, there really is nowhere to go with it. It seems pointless to do them again. So, I look for another activity. I decide on an impromptu activity. Elements of Science has a styrofoam ball & a sticker to put on it that will make it a small model of the Earth. I have him put the sticker on the ball. Instead of then using it to demonstrate the Earth moving on its axis or the Earth's orbit around the sun, I have him mark on it to show the Ring of Fire. The kids have a snack. Then, we get ready to leave. We have an appointment this morning with Dea's psychiatrist. The appointment is at 11, which means we need to stop & pick up lunch on the way home. My husband doesn't have time for me to cook lunch before he needs to leave. So, we pick up Culver's on the way home. After lunch, Jay practices his drums. Dea plays with the dog.

After a short break to let everyone's food settle, Dea does Geometry. Jay goes on the computer for Math games & MathTv. Dea shovels the patio, walks the dog, and then starts her new book for English - The Lovely Bones. Jay watches videos from Art of Problem Solving. Then he does More Word Winks and the first few pages in Key to Measurement book 4. The kids go play outside. I do another mile walk. The kids come in & have a snack - left over crab rangoon & egg rolls from yesterday & some raisins. After the snack, Jay does ASL. Dea lets her food settle then starts work on Government. Then, Jay starts chapter 13 in Latin and the Pronoun section in Easy Grammar. Then, he goes in the other room to play. Dea does ASL. After his break, Jay does Spelling & Writing. He is now done with school for the day. They go outside to play.

We have dinner. Dea decides to rest for a bit before finishing school. Jay decides he wants to do something for History. He finally settles on designing his own pirate flag. He names his flag 'The Flaming Death.'

6am rolls around, and I simply can't spend another minute in bed. I wake up while checking email & FB. Then, I do a mile walk. I get the chores for today & tomorrow written on the chore board. By 8am, I am considering breakfast. We have eggs & bacon, so I could make a big breakfast for everyone. I could also let them all fend for themselves, as usual. I choose to make breakfast & regret it within minutes. The waffle maker has decided it hates me this morning, & the waffles keep sticking. So, I switch to pancakes, because the 2nd waffle is refusing to come out at all. By 9:15am, everyone has eaten, & Jay is giving me attitude about the fact that he has to wash the table today & he doesn't like what I have chosen for us to watch for Science this morning. Really, his problem is that he doesn't want to watch anything, he wants to do an experiment, and he doesn't care that that is not an option for today. I send him to his room until he is ready to speak to me in a civilized & respectful manner & tone. He comes back about 9:45, when he argues with me again. This time, he starts by assuming that he gets to choose what to watch for Science. Then, I inform him that he is not watching anything because he no longer has the time to watch something before quiet reading time. He tries to argue that he shouldn't have to do quiet reading time, an argument that doesn't work. So, I tell him to go find something to do until reading time. While all of this has been going on, Dea has been working on Writing. She then does some work on Geography before lunch.

Lunch is sloppy joes. After lunch, the kids go off to entertain themselves for awhile. At 1pm, Jay goes on the computer for Math practice at Khan Academy & watches videos on MathTv. Dea works on cleaning her bedroom, then goes out to shovel. Basically, she is determined to do anything except get her school done, which will simply mean she doesn't get to see any friends today. Next, Jay & I watch a few videos from Art of Problem Solving. Then, he does a Logic puzzle from Fun With Logic. He then does a few pages of Grammar. The kids head outside to play. Pretty much every spare minute I've had so far today has been spent on planning & prep for Jay's 4th grade year. 4th grade starts for him mid-April, and I'll be buying materials soon, so I'm trying to finish what planning can be done now. Mainly, I've been looking for websites for Science & History.

After they come back in, Dea does Government. She hates the course, but enjoys the games at icivics. So, after she does her work, she plays a game or two. Next, Jay does a few pages from Key to Measurement book 4. After that, we do ASL & Spelling. He then takes another break & plays in the other room. Then, he does Latin & Writing. Dea does Geometry. Dea decides to skip dinner to go hang out at a friend's house. Jay & I have dinner. When Dea gets home (earlier than expected), the kids go back outside to play.

Then, Jay goes on the computer to visit some sites for Science, and Dea works on figuring out a schedule. The kids then go off to play until bedtime.

At 7am, just as I am about to get up, Dea comes in to get the dog. So, I get up and start my day. We're having tacos for lunch, and I was supposed to make the salsa yesterday, but I forgot. So, I make it first thing this morning. After that, I do my mile walk. Jay joins me & Dea joins in halfway through. Then, Jay gets to work on Geography. Today, he's learning about Vasco Nunez de Balboa and Hernando Cortes. Dea works on English. Today's focus is Grammar, Spelling, and Vocabulary.

After lunch, Jay goes on the computer to visit some more Science sites. He doesn't stay on for too long, though. They head outside to play. At 1pm, Dea goes on the computer to work on History. Jay watches Art of Problem Solving videos. Next, he does a few pages in Key to Measurement & ASL. The kids have a snack & go play outside. After the break, Dea works on History some more. Jay does Grammar. He is obnoxious all through Grammar, then argues with me during Spelling. He is sent to his room again. This is at least the 4th time today. He didn't even finish Geography this morning because of his arguing. Dea does ASL. When Jay comes back down, he gets Latin & Writing done. Then, we break for dinner.

After dinner, the kids go outside again. When they come back in, Dea finally finishes Geometry, & Jay finally finishes Geography. They have spent huge amounts of the day arguing, whining, complaining, giving me attitude, and trying to avoid getting their chores & school done. At this point, I'm wishing I had just one room that was just mine, that I could lock myself in, and escape from everyone else. This is partly due to the fact that my sleeping schedule has been off lately, and I haven't been getting my alone time. I need that alone time.
Once all the schoolwork is done, we finish up most of the chores. Dea goes in the other room to finish watching a movie she started last night. Jay takes my Nook and heads into my bedroom.

I start today with a 2 mile walk. Then, I make omelets for breakfast. The kids take a ridiculous amount of time eating. They followed their omelets with dry cereal (we ran out of milk). Jay goes on the computer to visit some sites for History. Dea & I do Spelling. She then looks over some of her supplemental materials for Government & does Vocab. Jay reads a book about pirates. I make burgers for lunch, and Dea calls animal control on our neighbors. Their poor dog is outside, eating from the garbage can, and shivering in the cold. This is not the first time that family has mistreated an animal. They had kittens they would leave outside at the beginning of this winter. Their kids have chased their chihuahuas down the middle of the street. The dog they had when we first moved in was always outside, until it ran away & disappeared forever.

This kids go outside to play. After their break, Jay goes on the computer to do Math games & MathTv. Dea is at her computer, but doesn't seem to be doing anything. Then, Dea goes upstairs & Jay watches Art of Problem Solving videos. Then Dea does Geometry. Jay does a logic puzzle from Fun With Logic, a few pages of measurement, and a few pages of Grammar. He has informed me twice this week that he will soon be done with Fun With Logic & needs something to replace it. I got away with not replacing Logic Safari book 2 earlier this year, when he finished that. However, he really doesn't like the idea of just not doing Logic 2 days a week.

Dea is done with school & goes over to a friend's for awhile. Jay takes a break & has a snack. Then, we do ASL. He finishes his assignment for Writing, and does Latin. After dinner, the kids go back outside to play.

Yesterday was the first day of Parentalia. Parentalia was a 9 day celebration of the dead, in Ancient Rome. A few years ago, we decided to revive this holiday in our house. We have lost many loved ones, and this is a way for us to honor them all. We didn't actually do anything for Parentalia yesterday. We did today, though. We took some time to journal, think, and share stories/memories of some of our loved ones. It was common, in Ancient Rome, to have picnic at the graves of loved ones during Parentalia. This is not possible for us. It's far too cold & wet in February, and many of our loved ones' graves are too far away. So, instead, we share stories & memories, write about them, think about them, try to do something that would make them happy or proud, anything that we can think of that will honor their memory.

I get up a little before 7, and Dea & I head to the store. No school will get done this morning. Jay stays home & watches some tv while we do the grocery shopping. We have chicken kiev for lunch, then the kids go outside to play. When they come back in, Jay goes on the computer for History sites, Math games, & MathTv, and Dea goes on the computer for vocab games & History. Dea then reads from The Lovely Bones. Jay & I watch some videos from Art of Problem Solving. Then, Jay & I go over his Writing assignment for some editing/proofreading. He then has a snack & goes back on the computer to fix the errors. He then does a few pages in measurement & the Pronoun test for Easy Grammar 3. I let him take a longer break, since really all that is left is a logic story & a few games, none of which are essential.

So, the kids play until dinner. After dinner, Jay asks to go back onto the computer for some more History sites. I allow it & spend some time doing chores. We do get around to doing a few logic stories from Mensa Whodunits. We don't get to the games for Spelling & Latin. However, we do play Dicecapades. We then write in our journals, and spend some time thinking & writing about deceased loved ones (for Parentalia).

Last night was more of a normal night for me. I turned the light off at about 2:30am. I woke up around 7, but stayed in bed for awhile because I had a dog & 2 cats surrounding me, and I didn't want to disturb them (plus, it was kind of cold & I was comfy). I get up when the kids get up. We do breakfast & get the library stuff together. We leave at 11 to run errands. We need to get dog food, stop at the pharmacy, stop at the store, take Jay's high hat to the music store to be looked at, stop at the bank, and go to the library. We get home just before 4pm. While at PetCo to get dog food, we make a larger than normal donation for homeless pets (we donate every time we shop there) in honor of all the animals we count among our lost loved ones (as part of our honoring the dead for Parentalia).

On the way home, we start talking about the movie Clue, which then spurs a conversation about Tim Curry. I then decide that I want to do a Tim Curry marathon. When we get home, my husband (for no known reason) has the song Lollipop stuck in head. Him mentioning it gets the song stuck in my head, which then puts me in the mood to watch Stand by Me. I then decide that at some point after my Tim Curry marathon, I need a Stephen King marathon. So, now I need to choose some movies for my little marathons. After we get home, Dea heads over to a friend's house, Jay goes on the computer, my husband plays guitar, and I shut myself in the bedroom for some alone time - just a book, my computer, whatever odd music I feel like listening to, a pen & paper, and me in a dimly lit room away from everyone else. I am quickly joined by 2 cats & a dog. A little while later, Dea joins me, because I am not allowed alone time.

I have them all help me choose some movies for my marathons. We then play some family games - Taboo & Outburst, while munching on a snack tray of peanuts, grapes, bagel crisps, and oven baked cheese. After the games, the kids head to bed & my husband & I get some alone time.

My hair was wet when I went to bed last night, so it is still wet & almost impossible to brush this morning. As I try to drag my brush through this rat's nest I call hair, I contemplate (not for the first time) just shaving it all off & getting a wig. While my husband & Dea are off doing their volunteer work, I have breakfast burritos to make for the week. I might also make some pancakes to freeze, but definitely need to make some more pancake mix. Shortly before they get home, I need to start the nachos for lunch. So, I turn on Pandora & head into the kitchen to cook. Jay decides to join me & help me cook. In the middle of all the food prep/cooking, I take a break to do a quick mile walk. We have lunch when they get home. After lunch, Dea goes over to a friend's & Jay watches Vertigo.

While I'm in the kitchen prepping the several filling options for the pita pockets we're having for dinner, Jay comes in and asks if, after our other 2 movie marathon weekends, we could do a Hitchcock marathon. A little after dinner, we decide to do a family movie night & watch Die Hard 3.