Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It's Here! It's Here!

Yay! Our order from Rainbow Resource is here! The kitten has claimed the box as his. He has been in & out of it since I finished pulling out the packing material. While I was going through it all to check the contents against the packing list, he was sitting on the materials, trying to dig behind them, and ate a hole in the corner of the box. He moved one of the books around - pulled it away from the others, then pushed it until it was next to the one it had been in front of originally.

The kids jumped, shouted, and tried to lay claim to the box before I opened it. Dea started working on a Spanish workbook right away, and Jay had to be told to stop pulling things out of the box (I was trying to keep it all organized & see what was there). The dog sat staring expectantly at the box, as though I was going to pull out dog treats. Apparently, we are easily amused & rather easily excitable.