Monday, March 11, 2013

New materials on their way

I ordered school materials yesterday. When I told Jay that I had ordered the materials for his 4th grade, he literally jumped for joy, while shouting "Yay!" He then threw himself on my lap, gave me a huge hug & kissed me repeatedly. I think he is happy about getting his new school materials. Dea was even happy, since she will be getting her new Grammar. She said she felt a bit odd being happy about Grammar, but she is really looking forward to the new Grammar.

In vaguely related news, Dea is starting over with a few subjects. She is starting over with the Lit portion of her English. She is starting over with the Writing portion, switching to doing 2 Writing classes on Universal Class. She is also starting over with Government, switching to a Government class on Universal Class. She is switching because the Writing & Gov classes she was doing just weren't working for her. She really needs to have an instructor to be accountable to for those.