Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Not a Lot Going On

I haven't been doing my Week in Review posts lately. This is mainly because there really isn't much to say. Jay's 3rd grade year is coming to an end. He is done with most of his 3rd grade work. He wanted to end his study of Pirates & Explorers early, so we finished up that study. He only has one thing left to do for his Geology study, which he also asked to wrap up early. He is done with Geography for the year. In addition to being done with almost all his work, he is not feeling well. He has been dealing with a cold for a week now. So, an average day consists of playing Math games online or doing exercises on Khan Academy, watching videos on MathTv, watching videos from Art of Problem Solving, doing a few pages of Key to Metric Measurement, 1-2 pages of Latin for Children B, and All About Spelling 4. He spends the rest of the day playing, resting, reading, and watching some tv. His cold is combining with his allergies and causing a lot of coughing, congestion, and general icky feelings. So, he really isn't up to doing much right now. Luckily, he hardly has any work left to do, so he is still doing all of his work each day.

Since very little of my day is currently spent working with Jay on school, I have been making sure everything is ready for his 4th grade year. I have all the dvds we own that will be used for the 1st half of the year together in one place. I have a list of all library materials I want to use for History & Science. I have everything I want to use from Netflix for the year in our queue. I have the online portion of his courses ready.  I have the paper planning done. I want to look into creating a list of library materials for Art & Geography. I think I might also try to come up with some writing assignments, since we won't be using a Writing curriculum. Other than that, everything is done.