Monday, March 25, 2013

Pirates & Explorers 3rd Grade

We did have more planned for this study. However, Jay found the study of pirates a bit less exciting than I had expected. So, we ended up cutting the study short. Some of the books & dvds were returned before I got them written down, so this isn't a complete list of what was used.

History of Piracy
Patch the Pirate
Pirate Flags
Pirates of the Caribbean
Pirates - National Geographic
The Pirates Realm

A Long and Uncertain Journey
Vasco Da Gama: So Strong a Spirit
A Pirates Twelve Days of Christmas
Biggest, Baddest Book of Pirates
You Wouldn't Want to be a Pirate's Prisoner!
Shiver me Timbers! Pirate Poems & Paintings
A Thousand Years of Pirates
Why Why Why Did Pirates Bury Their Treasure?
The Book of Pirates
Terror of the Spanish Main
Pirates Most Wanted

Historical Fiction & Other Fun Reads:
Vampirates Demons of the Ocean
Isle of Swords
Nick of Time

The Great Ships: The Pirate Ships

Design pirate flag
Write pirate themed poem
Make pirate ship