Sunday, March 3, 2013

Week in Review

Jay still isn't feeling great. He hasn't vomited since we were at the ER yesterday, which is fantastic. He has headache for the past few days, though, and is still dealing with some nausea. I'm not expecting him to get any school done today. Dea likely won't much done, either. We have to take one of the cats to the vet this afternoon, as she has been vomiting for the last few days.

Really, not much happens today. My husband is home sick from work, with a horrible migraine he has had for 3 days. Jay is still fighting his migraine, which he has also had for 3 days, in addition to the nausea. So, we try to keep the house quiet & dark. Dea does get some schoolwork done, and I try to take care of some housework.

Jay is still not feeling well today. So, we get virtually nothing done again today. At least my husband went to work today, though. It's also snowing out. So, we spend the day inside, staying warm & not doing much. We watch a little tv today. Jay watches a Standard Deviants dvd on Geometry, and we watch an episode of Discovery Atlas for Geography.

I take both kids to the dr. this morning. Jay is feeling better & the dr. doesn't see anything wrong with him. Dea has been getting light-headed & having headaches & nausea if she goes more than 4 hours without food. So, they run some tests. By the time we get home, it is far too late to start the chili I was going to make for lunch.  We did have just enough time for pita pizzas. Unfortunately, the pita bread was furry. So, with nothing else thawed & no time to make chili, we ended up ordering pizza. It was over 20 minutes late, greasy, and they messed up the order of wings. Yet another day when virtually nothing gets done. We did get a call from the doctor's office, about her labs, though. They said everything was normal. This is great news! It means she doesn't have diabetes, which is what I was concerned it was.

Jay is feeling much better today. He asks to do school. He spends a good portion of the morning visiting websites for History. Dea does some school in the morning, but not much. She also helps me get the chili cooking for lunch. After lunch, Jay plays for a bit, & Dea uses the computer. Then, Dea goes to her room, & Jay goes on the computer for Math games & MathTv. We then watch videos from Art of Problem Solving, while Dea works on History. We stick to fun games & videos, since it seems kind of pointless to start school on Thursday.

Jay chooses to stay home today, while Dea & I go grocery shopping. Again, Jay does fun, easy stuff - online Math games, MathTv, AoPS videos, reading, etc. Dea does some schoolwork, but not a lot. It has just been a lazy week, with everyone dealing with headaches, stomach bugs/food poisoning, etc. We really haven't done much this week. The kids spend most of the evening painting.

We go get taxes done this morning. Then, we come home for a quick lunch before running to the library. It is kind of a lazy day. After dinner, my hubby goes over to jam with a friend. The kids paint the new window shades.

My husband & the kids go to a baptism this morning. I stay home for multiple reasons. I'm not Christian & have never really been comfortable sitting in a church. I have some social anxiety issues & don't do well in large groups of people. Despite both of those, I had originally intended to go. However, we then found out that my husband's sisters were also going. We are currently not speaking to one of his sisters. She sent me a series of messages a few weeks ago, attacking me. When I refused her invitation for us to get together & 'work this out,' an invitation which included her calling me a bitch & saying that my husband could tie her hands so I don't get hurt (because she's delusional & apparently thinks I'm scared of her), she informed me in no uncertain terms that she intends to go out of her way to be a complete bitch to me anytime we are around each other. I feel that the baptism of my husband's cousin's kids is simply not the place for the scene that would inevitably take place if his sister & I were both there. So, I chose not to go. I'm sure she'll take it as me being a coward & to scared come face to face with her, but I honestly don't care. Contrary to her opinion of me, that I am selfish & refuse to put anyone else's feelings before mine or do anything for anyone else, I don't want to ruin this day for my husband's cousins. They are having their kids baptized. To them, this is an important religious ceremony. Having one of their cousins act like a toddler, screaming, yelling, and threatening someone else at the baptism would taint their memories of this day. I refuse to be a part of that, in any way. I can't help the fact that she is psychotic & delusional, but I can avoid being around her at important events, when I know she intends to create a huge scene that would make everyone else uncomfortable. I would have ended up not going anyway, though. Last night, I was cleaning and, while in a slightly precarious position, slipped & fell. I woke up this morning with about 17 different muscles hurting & a headache.
So, I stay home & make slow-cooked chicken on the stove. It will cook for a few hours, until the meat is falling off the bones. Then, I will let it cool until I can remove all the bones. Once it is boneless, it will cook some more, with more seasoning. Then, it can be used for many things - sandwiches, pizza, risotto, pasta, etc. I'm thinking we'll use it on pita pizza for dinner tonight. While they are gone, I get Jay's schoolwork for the week ready & into his binder. Then, I work on finishing getting the online aspect of his school for 4th grade ready. I also do a final review of the materials I will be buying in a few weeks. With just a few weeks until I purchase for next year & only about 6 weeks until Jay's 4th grade year starts, I need to make sure everything is ready.