Friday, March 15, 2013

Year Coming to an End

3rd grade is coming to an end. 4th grade will be starting in about a month. We're working on finishing up some things. We aren't really concerned about finishing things by the end of the year, we just happen to be near the end of many things. Jay is wanting to cut short his Science & History, because he just isn't that into them. So, we're finishing up those. He just finished More Word Winks & Mensa Whodunits, which means that he's out of Logic until 4th grade. He also just finished Easy Grammar 3 & Easy Grammar 4. We decided not to do the last 2 chapters of Flip the Deck. One was writing an article, and I simply don't believe his skills are there, yet. The other was writing a business memo, which I don't think he needs to know how to do at 9 years old. So, we're done with Writing, too. We're still doing ASL, but we're currently taking a break from learning signs. We're spending some time learning about deaf culture and about Helen Keller. We've watched The Miracle Worker, and are reading a few Helen Keller biographies. There are also a few documentaries on Netflix, about deaf culture, that we are going to watch. We will probably wait until 4th grade to start Joy of Signing. We're done with formal Art for the year. We're almost finished with this year's Geography, which is currently connected to History - Pirates & Explorers in History & Explorers in Geography. It looks like the only things that will continue until the end of the year are Measurement/Metric Measurement, Spelling, Latin, and Music (which this year has really just consisted of him learning/practicing his instruments).

I'm still waiting on our order from Rainbow Resource. One of the items was on back order, so the order hasn't shipped yet. This weekend, I will be picking up all the basic school supplies we need - paper, pens, pencils, index cards, etc. I'm also waiting on an order from Barnes & Noble - a book for me (to replace a copy that is falling apart) and a book for each of the kids. We can hardly wait for the school materials to get here. Jay is really excited about 4th grade. Dea is looking forward to her new Grammar. I am impatiently waiting to finish the planning/prep for 4th grade. I hate cutting it this close. I will have less than a month to finish the planning/prep once the materials get here. With less actual programs for the year, there is more planning that needs to be done. I usually don't really have to plan Grammar, Spelling, Writing, or Latin. Since we use programs for those, it's just move onto the next chapter/step/lesson/page. We'll still be able to do that for Latin, but not the others. With only 1 level of AAS, I will have to plan what to do for the days we aren't doing AAS, how often to do AAS, etc. With no formal Grammar or Writing, I have to plan how to make sure those are covered. With 3-4 different Logic books, I have to plan how those will work together. This stuff can't really be done until I have the materials here & can look through them all. I am hoping that it will all be here in the next few days.