Saturday, April 13, 2013

Last Week of 3rd Grade - Week in Review

I have not done a Week in Review post for the last few weeks. There really hasn't been much going on lately. The main reason I'm doing this one is that this is our last week of 3rd grade. School work is incredibly light this week.

Monday starts with everyone sleeping in a bit. After breakfast, the kids go out side to play. When they come back in, Jay gets upset because his dad threw out a toy of his yesterday, because Jay threw it at his dad during a tantrum. He goes to his room to calm down, then hangs out in my room reading. I throw together some spaghetti & garlic bread for lunch & do some work in the kitchen while it cooks. Dea replants the Aloe plant we bought yesterday and helps me take out garbage & recycling.

After lunch break, Jay goes on the computer for Math games & MathTv. While he's on the computer, Dea & I do 2 miles. Then, Jay & I watch some videos from AoPS. After that, Jay does a few pages in Metric Measurement & Latin. I had a headache yesterday. It has been hanging out in the background today, just a twinge here & there. Now, however, it seems to be gaining strength again.

After they spend some more time playing outside, Dea works on school & Jay watches some tv. I get the 4th grade work on Jay's shelf of the school bookcase & reorganize my school basket. I pull all the teacher books/answer keys for 3rd grade & make sure all finished work is in the school tote. I put all the teacher books/answer keys for 4th grade into my basket along with the planning/recording notebooks.

Much of the day is spent playing outside. We are truly enjoying the beautiful spring weather. We also play a game of Go Mental. It's one of the new games we will be using for school. We hadn't had the chance to play it yet, and I thought today seemed like a good day for it. While Jay is reading before bed, he gets mad at me for doing the rest of my miles. He wanted to do them with me, but couldn't do them that late. I guess I'll have to do some when he can join tomorrow.

Tuesday we all sleep in again. We've been getting rain storms in the early mornings, and that makes everyone sleep better. The kids spend the morning playing outside, until Jay's reading time. Dea helps me with lunch - barramundi, pierogi, and corn on the cob. After lunch break, Jay does online Math games, MathTv, AoPS videos, a few pages of Metric Measurement, and Latin. Both kids then join me for 1 mile of my 2 mile walk. I'll do the rest later tonight.

The kids go outside to play & have their snack. I cut up the watermelon & cantaloupe. I am all about the summer foods today. To me, cantaloupe, watermelon, and corn on the cob are some of the best summer foods. Watermelon takes me back to summers spent visiting my aunt & uncle in Ohio - watermelon seed spitting contests in the backyard, baseball in the backyard, my first time trying coffee, friends, museums, great memories, and one of my first crushes. Cantaloupe & corn on the cob remind me of the big family B-B-Qs. When I was a kid, we would all get together at my grandparents' house for a big B-B-Q. There were water balloon fights, killer volleyball, lawn darts, meat & corn on the cob on the grill, tons of fresh fruit & veggies, our family & friends of the family all together.

Again, much of the day is spent playing, though not much time is spent outside. It is gray & chilly out today. We try out another of our new games today - Game of Knowledge.

Wednesday starts with an awful headache. I stay in bed until after lunch, trying to get this horrible headache to go away. Jay does online Math games & MathTv. We watch videos from AoPS. He does Latin & the last few pages in Metric Measurement. Dea does her school work. I finally admit that I am sick & need to rest, so do virtually nothing all day.

Thursday doesn't involve much. I am still sick. It's nothing big, just a cold, but it is really wearing me down. I did not workout yesterday & I also take off today. I spend the day eating soup, drinking tea (and some really awesome hot chocolate), and trying not to be too irritable.

Friday is our last day of 3rd grade. All Jay does for school today is finish the chapter in Latin, play online Math games, and watch AoPS videos. Dea goes grocery shopping with me, and it takes forever (3 hours & we only made it to one store). I am exhausted, and my headache is getting worse. I hope this cold is gone by Monday.

Jay is now officially finished with 3rd grade. He is now a 4th grader!