Sunday, April 28, 2013

Trying to make sense of the jumbled mess in my head

I generally work all this stuff out in my own head. Then, I bombard my poor husband with all of it & ask for his opinion. Of course, he often can't really give me an opinion. He gets lost in my 20+ minute explanations and my many digressions. I often have more ideas pop into my head as I ramble it all off at him, which just confuses him further. I thought this time I'd write it all out here instead. That way, I can edit, rearrange, and fix whatever I need before anyone else is subjected to it. This will, hopefully, make it far more orderly & understandable.

I've been working out what to do for each of Jay's subjects for 5th grade. Yes, I know we're only a few weeks into 4th. However, I have less than a year before I need to purchase the materials for 5th, and there is plenty of planning to be done. I considered putting it all in one post, but quickly changed my mind. This will be a series of posts, exploring my thoughts, plans, and ideas for his 5th grade plan. I don't know if these will help anyone else, but they should help me. If nothing else, they should provide a bit of insight into how I plan these things out.

I will start with Foreign Languages. This one is fairly easy. He will continue with Latin & ASL, and we are adding in Spanish. ASL will be very easy to plan. He will continue with Joy of Signing, and I will pick up the other puzzle book for him to do.

Spanish will be a little, but not much, more work. He will be using Tell Me More for Spanish. However, I do want to add something to supplement, just a little something that isn't on the computer that he can use for practice. I'm thinking of getting a workbook. I know it won't line up with the lessons in Tell Me More, but it will provide additional exposure to the language & practice writing in Spanish. I am also thinking of getting the Spanish in a Flash flash cards, Bingo, and word search books for fun vocab practice/review. I don't yet know if I will get all three sets of the Spanish in a Flash products or just one or two sets for 5th. That will most likely depend on budget.

Latin will also take some planning. I want to let him go a bit easier in Latin next year. He will be finishing off Latin for Children Primer C this year. That is the last level of that program. So, I figured he could go lighter in Latin for a few years, so he can put enough focus on Spanish. My plan is to use part of Cambridge Latin. I figure, if I get him the student texts, the workbooks, and the readers for the first 2 levels & use the Cambridge Latin Course site as a supplement, that should be enough for a year of light Latin study. This way, he can keep using, reading, translating, and practicing the language, possibly even progressing a bit, without taking focus away from the new language being introduced that year. If I do this, I would do the same thing for 6th, but with the 3rd & 4th levels. Then, when he hits 7th, I would get the rest of the materials for each level (audio cds & teacher books) and do the program completely through, the right way.

Of course, depending on budget, I may just have him use the Oxford Latin Course, since we already have all of it. Then, he could maybe do Cambridge (completely) after Oxford. That would prevent me from having to buy any Latin materials in the same year I have to fit high school Chem, Auto Maintenance, elementary Chem, etc. into the budget. My reason for not wanting to do this is that Oxford is the program Dea is using (albeit rather sporadically), and having both of them working from the same materials will be difficult (to say the least). I would prefer to only do that as a last resort.