Friday, April 26, 2013

Week in Review - 4/26/13

Monday - This is not a good start to the week. I spend the day in bed fighting a horrible headache & trying not to vomit. Dea spends her day much the same. No school gets done. Well, Jay does  read a book on dinosaurs for Science, but no other school gets done.

Tuesday is still not a full school day. I have a headache. I stay in bed until 10:30am. Then, Jay reads from his third required reading book - The Incredible Journey. The kitchen faucet breaks. Luckily, we have a new faucet sitting here that we just haven't gotten around to installing. So, my husband & I install the new faucet. Dea's head is really hurting today & her stomach still isn't handling food. She tries to do some school today, but doesn't get much done. My stomach isn't handling food, either. I tried some saltines last night, and that led to me waking up at 4:30 with the taste of vomit in my mouth. I'm sticking to liquids. My husband picked up some Ensure for me yesterday & some soup & broth for Dea. She doesn't seem to want the soup, so plans to stick to the broth. I let her have one of my Ensure today, and it seemed to make her feel a bit better. So, my wonderful hubby is stopping at the store after work today to pick up more Ensure for us, though I'm still sticking mostly to water.

Jay plays Math games & watches MathTv after lunch break. Next, we watch an episode of Clash of the Dinosaurs. Jay does chapter 6 in LOF Elementary Physics. Jay doesn't want to skip all of the work from yesterday, so we are trying to do some of it today. We do two Mad Libs, one for yesterday & one for today. Literary Elements is next. This week's picture book for literary elements is The Three Little Dinosaurs.

Since I am sick, Jay's school will not be a full week. We have decided to skip Latin, ASL, and AAS this week. After Literary Elements, he does lesson 2 in Perplexors & Logic Safari 3. Spelling & Vocab are both games today. We play Boggle & Word Sweep, each for 30 minutes. To end the school day, we do art. We pull out a book on van Gogh & find four pictures in it to look at & discuss.

I stay in bed late again Wednesday morning. Again, it is a short school day. Jay does Math games & MathTv. Next, we play Scrabble for Spelling. He's decided he wants us to keep track of his scores for Scrabble & Boggle, so he can see how he is improving. Online games for Grammar & Vocab are next, followed by a Mad Lib. Jay chooses to do History next. We start by watching The Mayflower Voyagers. Yes, it's a Peanuts special from the 1980s, so we aren't talking totally accurate. However, it is the only thing on Netflix streaming that we could find that is related to the "Mayflower". We look through 2 colonial cook books I borrowed form the library & a few colonial cooking sites to find some recipes we want to try. We have a list of 12 recipes. He next does the bridge in LOF Elementary Physics. He gets more than one wrong, so will be doing the 2nd try tomorrow. After a break, I have him choose a page from the picture book we used this week for literary elements & write down every noun on that page.  He then read a book for History. During his hour of reading today, he finishes The Incredible Journey.

Our initial list of required reading was 21 books with reading levels ranging from 4th - 8th grade (one possible exception to the reading level range, as I can't find a level on it anywhere). I had to eliminate one after doing some more research & finding out that it had sexual content I don't feel is appropriate for my 9 year old. Since we are only halfway through week 2 of the school year & he has already finished 3 books from the list, I'm pretty sure that the list won't last the whole school year. So, I spend some time today looking for more books to add to the list. I end up with an additional 22 books to add to the list. This puts the list of required reading books at 42. I know that sounds excessive, especially in addition to the near 200 resources for Science, over 200 resources for History (including historical fiction), and whatever books we use for all the other subjects. I just want to make sure we have enough for the year & to provide him with plenty of good options. Plus, at the rate he is flying through them, there still may not be enough for the whole year.

By Thursday, I'm a bit tired of this week. Jay does Math games, MathTv, and Grammar games. Then, we do a Mad Lib. He does the 2nd try on the bridge in Elementary Physics, and will be rereading the chapters & doing try 3 tomorrow. He reads a book for History. We cannot do Music this week. The Music Theory program only worked on one computer in the house, and that computer died a quick & painful death over the weekend. So, until we buy the newer version, which will work with the operating systems we currently have, there is no Music class. So, all that is left is the last of Language Arts. We play a game of Word Sweep for Vocab and Boggle for Spelling. There is a teleseminar tonight from LearningHerbs, with Rosemary Gladstar. I signed up for it days ago, & Dea & I listen to it. We unfortunately have some trouble hearing & understanding some of what was said, so I am hoping they put out a transcript of it, or fix the sound & offer a copy for download.

On Friday, I order the new version of our Music Theory software (Alfred's Essentials of Music Theory 3.0). I also find out that the teleseminar I listened to last night will be available to download (hopefully, the sound is better & I can catch the parts I missed yesterday). We try crock pot oatmeal this morning. The kids really like it. Jay wants to help prep it each night. It's what they've decided on for breakfast for the week.

Jay does Math games online. He skips MathTv, because he doesn't like starting a new section on Fridays. We play a game of Letter Zap for Spelling. Then, he rereads chapters 1-6 in Elementary Physics & does the bridge. He scores 100% on the bridge. We do a Mad Lib, & then he does Vocab & Logic games on the computer. He reads a book on Ohio for Geography. I let him stay up a little late tonight, because the kids want to play a game of Wild Craft.

Because this week has been wonky, due to me being sick, I have not bothered to track how much time was spent on school each day. Honestly, I'm just happy we got some school done & didn't waste the entire week. We did not stick totally to schedule. We did not do everything that was planned for the week. It was not an ideal week. However, we didn't throw in the towel. We didn't just blow school off for the whole week, just because I wasn't feeling well. We chose specific things to skip & did our best to fit in the rest. It was far better than it could have been.