Monday, April 22, 2013

Well, at Least it's Not the Plague

Sunday was an awful day. Dea had an episode. It was hours of screaming, yelling, stomping, slamming doors, throwing things, "I hate you," "my life is miserable," " I don't care if I live or die," that kind of stuff. It was the worst one we've dealt with in years, but nothing unusual for us. After dinner, she went straight up to her room. A few hours later, she threw up. The vomiting continued & she also complained of shortness of breath, headache, burning in her stomach, and being lightheaded. So, it was off to the ER. However, before we left, while waiting for my husband to get home & trying to get Dea to give me a complete list of her symptoms, we checked on WebMd to see what it said might be wrong. One of the things it listed is the Plague. Yes, that plague, the plague that took out a large chunk of the population in the Middle Ages. Really?! Now I know why I don't check our symptoms on WebMd.

While waiting for test results in the ER, I started vomiting. So, Dea & I sat there joking about how we both had the plague, while we waited. It turns out it is just a stomach bug, though all her test results came back normal. So, we both have some nasty stomach bug. We didn't get home until around 4:30 am. My husband stayed home from work today to take care of us.

I hate being sick. I'm really just hoping that my husband & Jay don't get this. On the bright side, though, at least it isn't the plague.