Sunday, May 26, 2013

Time for a Break

We are taking the week off school. Saturday we spent the day at a baby shower for my little sister. We helped set up, clean up after, then hung out talking to some family members, so it took pretty much all day. Sunday is an all day concert that my husband took Dea to, with my older sister & her husband. Jay and I are spending the day watching movies, playing games, and may even make s'mores as a special treat. Monday, my husband & Dea are working a brat stand for the Dyslexia center my sister works at. Tuesday, my husband has off work, though he may be going in for a few hours. Since we now are leaving Fridays for extra work, make-up work, and only requiring Math & reading, there would only be 2 days that we'd be doing school. Since a 2 day school week seems so pointless, we are just taking the week off school. At some point this week, I will sit down & plan out the details for next week. Other than that, we'll relax, maybe go hiking, and just enjoy the break.