Saturday, May 11, 2013

Week in Review - grade 4 week 4

Monday starts with a 3 mile walk. Dea joins me for miles 1 & 2, and Jay joins me for miles 2 & 3. Then, the kids play outside for a bit. Before they come in, they harvest a bucketful of dandelion heads, which we will later use to make dandelion pancakes. Dea starts school with Geography. Jay starts with Logic. My hubby takes Dea to her appointment today (they're checking on how her new med is working & if there are any side effects), so I can make lunch. Jay does his hour of reading while I cook. He is reading his first Historical Fiction for History this year - The Journal of Jasper Jonathan Pierce. I make baked chicken, potatoes with onion & apple, grilled asparagus, and grilled dandelion leaves (to use as a bed for the chicken) for lunch.

Starting today, we have instituted a ban on non-essential screen time during the week. After a few weeks, we may allow a smaller amount of screen time back in, but only after school & chores are done.  I am really just tired of being asked if they can watch tv or go on the computer on every break. We've always had limits on tv & computer use, but they still ask all the time. Plus, Jay often determines whether he wants to go play outside after lunch by first finding out if he can use the computer. He is starting to rely a bit too much on screens for his entertainment. Yesterday, even after being told 3 times that he had already watched enough tv, he still continued to ask, and asked at least once to go back on the computer after using all of his computer time for the day. The tv has been on all day. However, it was first used to play the Walk at Home dvd we walked with this morning, and has since been used to play Pandora through the Roku. So, even though it is on, we are not watching it, just listening to it.

After lunch, Jay wants to go outside, but Dea whines because she doesn't want to. Their dad sends them out to clean the yard. Dea comes in repeatedly to complain about the way Jay is cleaning the yard, mainly just because she doesn't want to be out there (which she repeats every single time she comes in to complain about Jay). They both end up in their bedrooms for their attitudes. After the lunch break, Dea finishes Geography, then reads some more from Pet Sematary. Jay & I work on his dino theme park plan. He reads a book on dinos. We watch an episode of Clash of the Dinosaurs, and he colors a picture of a dino.

After a short break, Jay does chapter 10 in Elementary Physics. We then do Language Arts. We start with the picture book for literary elements. This week's book is A Chocolate Moose for Dinner by Fred Gwynne. Jay loved that it was written by Herman Munster. We discuss the differences between homonyms, homophones, and homographs, find all the homonyms & homophones in the book & discuss the meanings of all of them, discuss what idioms are, find all the idioms on the book, and discuss what they mean. Next, we do AAS4 step 22. That is followed by a Mad Lib, a grammar worksheet, copywork, and reading the introduction to Woe is I Jr. Dea joins us for ASL. Then, Jay does Latin & Dea does Writing & Government. Done with school for the day, they head outside to play. When they come back in, they start a game of Monopoly.

Tuesday starts with a 4 mile walk. By the time I'm done with that, I am sweaty & need a shower. As I'm drying off after my shower, I am listening to Jay & my husband argue. Jay ends up spending much of the morning in his bedroom. He is obstinate today. He is arguing about everything. He is dragging his feet on everything he is asked to do. The last time I send him to his room, I tell him to stay there until lunch. Today's lunch is baked chicken (the other half of the package from yesterday), fresh green beans (raw), grilled fresh pineapple, and homemade pasta salad. Dea does get some work done before lunch. I'm not yet sure what she did first, as she started while I was in the shower, but then she did Latin.

After lunch, Dea reads, and I play Letter Zap with Jay for Spelling. He does a grammar worksheet, his copywork, and reads chapter 1 of Woe is I Jr. before we do a Mad Lib. Next, we watch the last episode of Clash of the Dinosaurs and he colors a picture. Next, we take a little break from work, and do a Poetry Tea. Next, Dea cleans her bedroom, and Jay does ASL, Latin, and chapter 11 in Elementary Physics. We end Jay's school day by reading from a biography on van Gogh.

Wednesday starts very early. Well, actually, Tuesday never ended for me. I was not able to sleep at all. Around 4:30 am, I leave the bedroom & curl up in the living room with Pet Sematary. I also start looking for books to add to the list of possible books for Jay's required reading for 5th grade. I put lunch in early, as I am slow cooking lamb breast. Dea starts school with vocab & logic games. Then, she works on History. Jay starts with Logic. Today, Logic takes a little longer, as we are starting on analogies. We start on lesson 1 of Advancing with Analogies, but only do a third of it. I am taking it a little slow, as he is new to these kinds of problems. Plus, they do have some words that simply aren't part of his everyday vocabulary, such as covert & isometric, so he has to look up words he doesn't know. Since I make him use a real dictionary, not an online one, it takes a little more time. Of course, it would have only taken about half the time it did if he had stopped whining about how it was going to take forever to look words up & had actually done it properly (you know, without flipping 50 pages when he only needed to flip 2 to get where he needed to go). He chose to fight, which made it take longer. After Logic, he went to read for his hour of reading time. He finished his historical fiction yesterday, so today he is working on The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making. Dea helps me in the kitchen. We make a batch of pickles & get fresh green beans ready to steam. We decide to have more of yesterday's pasta salad.

In the afternoon, Dea gets some housework done & a little bit of school. Jay mostly plays games. I take a nap because I am freakin' exhausted.

Thursday starts with an hour of playing outside. We play lawn darts. We play catch. We practice our knife throwing. We decide to do double work in some areas today, to make up for what didn't get done yesterday. Jay's school day starts with Language Arts. He does 2 grammar worksheets. We do step 23 in AAS4. We do 2 Mad Libs. He reads for an hour from his current required reading - The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making. After lunch break, Jay does 2 pages of copywork & reads 2 chapters form Woe is I. Next, we do ASL & Latin. He does chapter 12 in Elementary Physics. Next is Music. This is his first time using the new music theory software, so it takes a little extra time, as he needs to go through the tutorial before starting a lesson.

We get Dea to join us and play a game of Word Sweep. Next, we do a Freewrite.  After a snack, it is time to start History. However, Jay is being obnoxious & gets sent to his room. I curl up with a book until he's ready to work. Once he is ready to do History, we get started. He finishes reading a few books. We start watching The Untold Story of the Mayflower. One of his activities is to write journal entries as though he were a young boy making the journey over to the 'New World.' He does the first of those entries today. Then, he asks to go on the computer to visit History sites, and I say yes. In my spare time, I am looking for books to add to that list of possible required reading for him for 5th grade. I am having a rather difficult time with this.

Friday starts early, again. On the bright side, we get grocery shopping done before the stores fill up. Not much school gets done today. Dea reads some, does vocab games online, and works on Psych. Jay does vocab games online, reads, and we spend a few hours doing Geography. However, Dea & I are both exhausted. Around dinner time, I put in Jurassic Park 2 for Jay to watch. I was planning on letting him watch all 3 movies for Science anyway. So, he watches the movie, and I doze. That is the end of school for the day. There is more that I had planned, but we are all simply too tired for a full day of school.