Sunday, May 5, 2013

Week in Review - week 3, 4th grade

Monday starts with the kids fighting over what to watch while they eat their breakfast. After breakfast, we get started on school. Dea starts with Geography. I have put in place a new way to do Geography (I'll post about it later today), and she is thrilled with it. Jay & I start with a picture book for literary elements. This week's is Switch on the Night by Ray Bradbury. Next, we discuss concrete vs. abstract nouns, and Jay does a worksheet on them. We do a Mad Lib. AAS4 step 21 is next. While I get lunch cooking and do some dishes, Dea does Geometry & Jay does Logic (lesson 3 from both LS3 & Perplexors A) and vocab & grammar games online. He also chooses to play some online logic games.

After lunch break, Dea does ASL. Jay does math games & MathTv, followed by videos from AoPS. Dea starts her new book for English today - Pet Sematary. Next, for Jay, is Science. We start with coloring a dino pic while watching an episode of Clash of the Dinosaurs. We follow that with some work on the current project - plan a dino theme park. We end Science with reading a book. During this time, Dea does Writing & Government. Dea is now done with school for the day. Next Jay & I do ASL. We continue with the chapter on "Food & Related Words." He does chapter 7 in Elementary Physics next, followed by chapter 21 in Latin. At this point, we take a break, as there isn't time before dinner for anything else. He plays until dinner. After dinner, he goes on the computer to play for a little bit. Then, he does his hour of reading. He starts the 4th required reading book - Al Capone Does my Shirts. Not long before Jay goes to read before bed, we watch the 1st episode of Colonial House. Jay found the first episode rather boring, and I had to tell him that we will watch another one or two before we make up our minds about it. We will watch the next episode around lunch tomorrow. If we like it, we will watch the whole thing this week for History. I would like to stretch it out more than a week, but that would be difficult. We can only check out dvds from the library for a week, and they no longer allow renewals on dvds.

Tuesday also starts with the kids fighting. I'm rather tired of my days starting like that. Jay does Latin & ASL. He then goes into my room to do his hour of reading. During lunch, we watch episode 2 of Colonial House. After the lunch break, he does online math games & watches some videos on MathTv. Then, we do Language Arts. We start with penmanship & a worksheet on common & proper nouns. We follow that with Mad Libs and Letter Zap. Then, he does vocab games on the computer. After this, the kids take a break. They ask to play outside, but then change their minds & end up inside because Dea decides to take a nap. I doze off. Two hours passes and it is looking like we won't be getting to Science. Jay does a chapter in Elementary Physics and Dea does a lesson in Geometry. Next, Jay starts reading a biography of Vincent van Gogh. At this point, he decides that he will finish reading Medicines From Nature during his hour of reading before bed. So, he will still be doing some Science. When he is done reading the book on van Gogh, we watch episode 3 of Colonial House. They play in the sprinkler until it gets dark.

Total School Time: 6.5 hrs

Happy Birthday to me! Today is my birthday, which means a limited amount of school. The morning has no school. Dea has an appointment, and I have an awesome lunch to make. Lunch is Coq au Vin, saffron 3-cheese mac & cheese  (with Colby, Fontina, & Asiago cheeses), roasted asparagus, corn on the cob, and a tiramisu-inspired dessert. Lunch is filling & delicious. During lunch, we watch episode 4 of Colonial House. After lunch break, Jay does math games & MathTv. Then, he does chapter 9 in Elementary Physics, followed by a worksheet on abstract & concrete nouns, and penmanship. The rest of the day is fun stuff. We do a Mad Lib. Then, we do our first ever Poetry Tea. My Rainbow Resource order arrives today, with the new software for Music. I install it while the kids play outside. Next is a game of Boggle for Spelling. We watch another episode of Colonial House. My computer is having issues. It keeps overheating & shutting down. So, I will have to use it in spurts of no more than an hour & shut it down in between uses, until the problem is fixed or I can afford a new computer. Normally, it is on most of the day, whether in use or not.

Thursday, I don't want to get up. I stay in bed late. It is a fend for yourself day for lunch, as I didn't pull out anything to thaw. We chose to skip school today, as Dea & I are both exhausted, and were all fairly grumpy.  We watch the remaining episodes of Colonial House. We play Go Mental & Budget. We do some gardening. Other than that, we don't do much today. I am still having computer issues & can only be on for short periods of time.

Friday we again take the day off. We are simply too busy with life & too totally exhausted to do school today. My sister picks up my laptop so her wonderful husband can look it over for me & see if it can be fixed or not.

Saturday is the Special Olympics. We go to support my 1st step-mom's husband's daughter. She is a wonderful young woman. She takes home a bronze & a gold medal! We spend the day with family we haven't had a chance to for the past few months. The Olympians are so very inspiring & enjoying themselves so much. It really is a fantastic day! My sister & brother-in-law bring my laptop back to me tonight. It just had a lot of dust & gunk built up deep inside it, which was causing it to overheat. He cleaned it out & reassembled it. It is working fine & should be fine until we can save up for a new one (in computer years, this laptop is pretty much a dinosaur). Yay! Great ending to a wonderful day!