Saturday, May 18, 2013

Week in Review - week 5, grade 4

Monday starts with some minor revisions to our housework chart. Dea had dishes 3 days a week & I had them the other 4 days. My husband had the counters, stove, microwave, & floor every day. My husband & Dea have switched. Dea would only do 1 load of dishes a day, and most of what was in the load would need to be rewashed. So, we were constantly behind on dishes dishes, because this family dirties far too many for me to keep up with, if I am to do anything else. Seriously, I was washing at least 3-4 loads of dishes on each of my 4 dish days, and we still were never caught up on dishes. With the dishes never being completely done, it was difficult for my hubby to get his kitchen work done. So, he decided to switch. Now, the only dishes Dea needs to do are her own (each of the kids has their own set of dishes & silverware & has to wash their own). My wonderful hubby even stayed up quite late last night to get us fully caught up on dishes. I wake up to a mostly clean kitchen, and I didn't even have to do the work to get it that way! So, I get up, change the housework chart, assign everyone's housework for the week, put some orange slices in the water pitcher in the fridge, and get out everyone's honey, chocolate, and ginger (we each take a spoon of cinnamon honey & a piece of crystallized ginger for our health, & a piece of dark chocolate because it allegedly helps cognitive function). Dea spends much of the morning before school looking through a book of Renaissance costumes, since she has outgrown her old garb & needs an outfit (or two) to wear to an SCA event my mom is taking her to later this year.

Jay starts school with Logic. He does less 5 in both Perplexors A & LS3. We then do ASL. He wants this to be the last week for Food & Related Words. So, he is going through the whole chapter Mon-Wed & doing a test/assessment on Thurs & Fri, to see if he has mastered the words. If he has not mastered all of the words in this chapter, we will continue with this chapter next week. If he has mastered all of the words, we will start a new chapter next week. Dea starts school with Geography. Jay then reads. He is still reading The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making. I go into the kitchen to make lunch & some other stuff. Dea helps me in the kitchen. I make a roast, potatoes & carrots, and asparagus for lunch. While lunch is cooking, we get a jar of pickles packed & set it on the counter to cool before going into the fridge, and I make salsa.

After lunch break, the kids both do Science. Dea works on Psych, using my Intro to Psych textbook & a human brain coloring book, then moves onto Writing. Jay starts with coloring a page from one of his Dinosaur coloring books while watching Dinosaurs: Giants of Patagonia: IMAX on Netflix Streaming. Next, we work on planning his theme park. Today's focus is the food & drink options available. He finishes Science by reading from Bone Wars. The kids take a break & go outside, while I clean the back entrance. Nobody ever really cleans this entrance, so I decide to really scrub it. I grind some mint & rosemary and mix it with baking soda. I then put some of that into a spray bottle with hot water & use that to clean the entrance. With a tooth brush & a rag, I scrub the entrance clean (walls, trim, floor). Next, Jay does chap 23 in Latin, followed by a Mad Lib & copywork. At this point, it is time for dinner. Dea decides to make grilled cheese sandwiches. After dinner, Dea finishes her Psych. Jay & I fight our way through AAS4 step 24. I don't mean we fight as in he is having difficulty understanding something. I mean we fight as in he is intentionally being obstinate & obnoxious because he wants to do Vocab first, & I want to do it last. So, since I overruled him on this, he is being as annoying as he can be, talking to me with attitude, yelling at me, arguing with everything I say, speaking as quietly as possible (because he knows I have some hearing loss & can't understand him when he does that),etc. A trip to his room gives us both time to calm down, and we finally get through it after his return to the living room. Next, he does a noun worksheet, and I ignore all the obnoxious noise he makes while doing it. For Math today, he is doing a bridge. He was scheduled to do it last week, but we didn't get to it. He reads the chapters leading up to the bridge, for a final review, and does the bridge. He scores 9/10, so he moves onto the next chapter tomorrow. We read The King Who Rained, for Literary Elements, and end the school day with a game of Word Sweep. I do a 5 mile walk. After both kids are in bed, I start painting the trim at the back entrance. I decided it was ugly & needed to be painted while I was scrubbing there earlier. We haven't painted this area since we moved into this house, so it was still the ugly, faded, yellowed colors from the previous owners. I will do the walls at some point, but the trim is enough for now.

Tuesday begins with everyone in a good mood. While Dea gets her breakfast & pills, I get our honey, chocolate, & ginger set out. After the kids eat, we hang our flowers to dry (the kids bought me a dozen roses & picked some feathered tulips from our yard for Mother's Day). My chamomile mint infused witch hazel is ready to be strained. So, Jay & I take care of it while Dea works on her bedroom. It looks kind of like muddy water, but it smells fantastic & feels so good on the skin. The kids go outside & pick some lilacs & dandelions. They hang up the dandelions to dry & put the lilacs in a vase. The kitchen smells so good. Jay starts his school day with vocab games on the computer. He then does his reading early, so he can help me with lunch. He finishes The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland. Today's lunch is kabobs, buttered noodles, and baked beans. Jay helps me with the kabobs. We get two platters of food ready - cherry tomatoes, grapes, pineapple, beef kielbasa, french bread, & fresh mozzarella. Everyone gets to assemble their own skewers, so everyone gets exactly what they want.

After lunch break, Dea work on housework.  Jay starts Science. We start with watching American Experience: Dinosaur Wars. Next is working on the plans for his dino theme park. Today, we plan what he will have in the gift shops. I have to talk him out of some stuff, like furniture.  He finishes Science by reading from Bone Wars. He does ASL while I cut up a watermelon. We do a Mad Lib, followed by chapter 23 in Latin. Chapter 13 in Elementary Physics is next. For our Poetry Tea, we have 5 different books, cinnamon cake, watermelon, and Rooibos Tea. Jay throws a fit about being expected to read some of the van Gogh biography for Art. Eventually, he does read form the biography, then colors a picture in Color Your Own van Gogh (and complains because one of the pictures shown in the front of the coloring book, in full color, does not show the correct colors for that painting). We were going to play Boggle, but I am not in the mood & my headache is rather sound sensitive.

My headache is still there when I wake up on Wednesday. So, I ask the kids to stay out of the room for much of the morning before school. I simply can't take listening to them argue right now. Every time they come into the room, they start fighting about something. Dea starts school early, yet still does virtually nothing that she needs to do. Jay chooses to start with ASL. We then sit down with lesson 1 of Advancing Through Analogies. Last week, we did the first #1-5, so this week we focused on #6-10. When we got to #10, I was annoyed at his screwing around, and he didn't feel like looking up the words he didn't know, so he guessed. That was the only one he got wrong. He chooses to argue with me about that, trying to claim that he didn't guess. He gets very disrespectful & ends up spending the rest of the morning in his room. When he comes down for lunch, he gets sent back upstairs because he refuses to behave & just stands directly in front of me as I try to get his plate to the table. When asked to move, he moved to another spot where he is still directly in my way.

After lunch break, Jay reads. Today's book is The Pepins and Their Problems. Dea is writing down all the books she has been reading & using for school this last week or so. When he is done reading, Jay does History. He starts with writing a journal entry as someone traveling by ship to the "New World." Dea, instead of doing school, is looking at patterns & thinking about what color her garb should be for the event my mom is taking her to later this year. While Jay reads a book for History, I look for the legend of the cornhusk doll, as I am hoping we will make some this weekend. We put in The Untold Story of the Mayflower (we didn't finish it last week), and I set out a selection for snacks - cashews, Conchas, air popped popcorn, and fresh fruits & veggies. We take a break and discuss next week's meals & the grocery list. Jay hops onto the computer for vocab games before dinner. After dinner, he flies through chapter 14 in Elementary Physics & does his Latin. Dea is working on her research paper. She has two large papers due this year. For each, she got to choose from a list of 10 topics. The paper she's working on currently is on whether or not it should be illegal to use animals in sports & entertainment. She hasn't had dinner yet, so she does that now, while Jay and I start Language Arts. We start with a Mad Lib and AAS4 step 25. He finishes with a noun worksheet & a copywork page. We decide to finish up our housework. When we take garbage & recycling out (it is a 2 person job in our house), we stay out for a bit. We water & check on the herbs & check on the lilacs. The kids stay out to play with the neighbor, while I come in to finish my dishes & do my walk. It is such a warm day that we decide to have a scoop of ice cream before the kids get ready for bed.

When I wake up Thursday morning, the headache is blissfully gone. I make eggs & toast for breakfast, and the kids play until time to start school. I spend the time reading.  Dea works on her research paper & does vocab games online. Jay starts the day with Grammar, which consists of a Mad Lib, noun worksheet, and chapter 7 of Woe is I Jr., followed by chapter 15 of Elementary Physics. He heads into my room to read more of The Pepins and Their Problems. Dea cleans off the table in the office, again. The cats sprawl out on it & decide to use it as a spring board to get onto the nearby bookcases. Dea & I clean off the tops of the bookcases, so they can be up there without knocking everything down.

After lunch break, Jay does Music. The kids play a game of Scrabble for Spelling, and take a break for a snack. For History today, Jay reads an article on Jamestown in a Smithsonian & designs a flag for Jamestown. They go outside to play. Dea watches a dvd for Geology. Jay & I start his ASL assessment. He is doing okay, but has not mastered all of the words, yet. So, we will not be starting a new chapter next week. I inform him that what he is really missing is using the signs. He hasn't been using them outside of 'class' this year. I tell him that, since he has been introduced to the signs & had time to learn them, we will practice them over the next few weeks. We will start with the first 2-3 pages & use those words as much as possible. Once he can consistently do them properly, without prompting or clues, we will move to the next 2-3 pages, and so on, until the chapter is mastered. He then works on Latin, chapter 23. He does Latin games on the computer until dinner. After dinner, they go back outside. When they come back in, Jay does vocab games on the computer. All Jay has left for school is Freewrite. For today's Freewrite, I ask them to write a list of things they are interested in & know something about. I figure we can refer back to these lists, if they are ever stumped for something to write about for a Freewrite. We spend much of the evening watching videos for songs from Disney movies on YouTube.

Friday morning the kids wake me up because they really want to go grocery shopping. Before I get out of bed, Nightmare (our youngest kitty) decides he wants me to pet him. So, he jumps on the bed behind me and flips around while I reach behind myself to pet him. When I turn over so that I am facing him (after 10 minutes of having my arm behind my back, I wanted a more comfy position while petting him), he decides he's had enough petting & leaves the room. He only wants you to pet him if it makes you uncomfortable. He likes to sit on your shoulder, like a parrot, but with his butt facing your head so you can't turn to face him. He also enjoys lying on your back, while you are standing. Seriously, if you bend over or squat down anywhere near him, he will jump on your back & lie down, so you can't straighten back up. Anyway, I get up, and we do grocery shopping. The only school that gets done in the morning is Jay's vocab games. After lunch break, Jay & I finish his Ohio trip plans. He has planned a 2 week vacation that truly sounds fun, and I honestly wish we could take it. His planned trip includes kayaking, diving to shipwrecks, spelunking, digging for fossils, seeing a flyer built by the Wright brothers, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, seeing a play, hiking, staying at a haunted reformatory, a zoo, a Science museum, and more. Since finishing the plans doesn't take us the full hour scheduled for Geography, he plays Geography games online to finish the hour. Dea reads for Lit. After a ridiculously long break, Jay does the next chapter in Math & finishes the chapter in Latin. Dea apparently fell asleep while reading. They have dinner, and I tell Jay to go entertain himself. Dea decides to read some more.

I am seriously considering redoing our schedule to make Friday a make up or game day, since we have more trouble getting school done on Fridays. Not sure if I will be able to, though. I am also taking over scheduling Dea's days, as she doesn't seem to be doing a very good job & decides to take a break after 10 minutes of work.