Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mission: Kitty Rescue

Today we saved a whole family of cats. There is a family in our neighborhood who have several outdoor cats. They don't really take care of these cats. They refuse to have them spayed/neutered. I doubt they have ever taken any of them to the vet. They only let them in the house when it's a pregnant cat who is about to give birth. They let them stay in for a few weeks, them kick them all out, generally asking everyone in the neighborhood if they want one of the kittens. Today, the daughter shows up at our door asking if we can take in these 3 kittens she has with her. They are newborns, still have their eyes closed. I ask if she can get us the mom, too. She says yes. I bring the kittens in & get them into something warm, while Dea takes a carrier & goes with the find mama kitty. They find her & get her in the carrier. We called animal control to come get the whole family. We already have 3 cats & a dog. We can't take in an unknown cat, who has likely never been to a vet & could have who knows how many diseases, & her kittens. Animal control will take care of them. The kittens will stay with mama kitty until they are old enough to be weaned. All will see a vet & get shots. All will be spayed/neutered. Then, they will all be put up for adoption & go to homes where they will hopefully be taken care of properly.