Wednesday, June 26, 2013

She has been fired, can we move on now?

A local new channel had a post on Facebook asking people's opinions about the whole Paula Deen thing. Now, first, this is not news. Asking a question that will inevitably lead to a stupid fight is not news. Is it an overreaction to her admitting to using a racial slur? I don't really know. I haven't done any research into it to find out how often she uses racial slurs, tells racist jokes, etc. I do know that I am annoyed at the people whose response is, "everyone used it back then" or "it's excusable because it was after having a gun held to her head by a black guy." Just because it was common when she was younger, doesn't mean it is okay. It was wrong then, however common it was, and it is wrong now. As for the idea that it is excusable because she had a gun pointed at her or that any white person would say if in that situation, I totally disagree. When I was in high school, my boyfriend & I were mugged, at gunpoint, by two black guys. I did not resort to calling them racial slurs. It did not color my opinion of black people in general. It did not change the way I thought of or treated black people. Neither did the incident where a black guy broke into our apartment, woke me up, and started asking me where stuff was that he could steal (he was very high or drunk or both). I woke up to him standing in my bedroom doorway, after he turned on the light, asking me where things were. I was about 15 years old & sleeping in very little because it was a hot summer night. I was completely freaked out. My mom woke up, heard him, & chased him out of the house. The police arrived quickly. I was pissed at the cops, because I had to fight them to be able to go get dressed, instead of standing around wrapped in a sheet to cover myself, but my general opinion of black people was not changed. I have had bad experiences with black people, but also with people of other races, and I know that entire races cannot be held responsible for the stupid and/or illegal actions of individuals. Therefore, my response is not to start shouting racial slurs.

Honestly, I think she should have been fired back when everyone found out about the diabetes she had been hiding from her fans, while continuing to make butter & sugar filled crap, food she couldn't even eat. If she had been responsible, she would have changed the show to healthier food & involved her audience in her learning process & journey to healthier eating. Instead, she continued to make high fat, high sugar, deep-fried, greasy, unhealthy junk food, food that contributes to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and more. That is irresponsible, and I think she should have been fired at that point.

I have never been a fan of hers. I also do not actually have cable, which means no Food Network channel on a regular basis. So, this does not in any way impact my life. I have always stayed away from things she endorsed & will continue to do so. I just really hope that all this hoopla over her dies down quickly, so I can stop seeing posts about her all over the place. It's done. Can we move on now?